The committee is composed of 9 outstanding alumni of the SBA as well as the dean and Party committee secretary of the School. Its main responsibility is to provide advices and suggestions concerning the development strategy, school-running model and operation management of the School, build a platform for mutual exchange and common growth between the School and alumni, and establish a new mechanism of mutual participation and mutual service between the School and alumni. During this process, the committee will also offer advices and suggestions for the MBA programme of the School, realise its positive interaction with the society, and ensure its distinctive features and advantages in enrollment and talent training, etc.

Members of Advisory Committee on Strategic Development School of Business Administration


Wang Xiaohua (Director of Guangdong ETR Law Firm)

Vice Chairmen:

Zeng Wentao (Chairman of Wuhan Yinhai Real Estate Co., Ltd.)

Luo Songyuan (Chairman of CMDIC Xiamen Import & Export Co., Ltd.)

Chang Wenguang (renowned entrepreneur, educator, philanthropist and scholar; Chairman of Zhongjin Foundation Group Co., Ltd.)

Qian Xuefeng (Dean of School of Business Administration, ZUEL)

Wang Hualu (General Secretary of School of Business Administration, ZUEL)


Wu Yongjian (Chairman of Sichuan Minshan Group Co., Ltd.)

Cao Qin (Chairman of Shandong Zhongguang Investment Co., Ltd.)

Wang Yongguang (Chairman of Beijing Sinolink Mango Investment Holdings Ltd., Chairman of Henan Sinolink Mango Real Estate Group)

Zhu Shunquan (Chairman and General Manager of Hubei Dinglong Holdings Ltd.)

Liu Yong (Golden Concord Holdings Ltd.)