Department of Economics and Trade

Department Chair: WU Yingna

Vice Chair: HU Zongbiao


The Department of Economics and Trade has a long history that can be traced back to 1948 when it was called the Department of Cooperation and Trade at Zhongyuan University. Later it was consecutively renamed as Department of Finance and Trade, Department of Business Economics, Department of Trade Economics, Department of Trade Economy Management, and Department of Trade and Marketing Management. In 2015, after the restructuring of the School, the Department was renamed to its current name. The Department has a complete talent cultivation system and rich academic resources. The Department has two undergraduate programs (International Economics and Trade, and Trade Economics); three master’s programs (Industrial Economics (Trade Economics), International Trade, and International Business); two doctorate programs (Industrial Economics (Trade Economics), and International Trade); one post-doctoral research station (Applied Economics); one national first-class undergraduate construction major (International Economics and Trade); two key disciplines of Hubei Province (Industrial Economics (Trade Economics), and International Trade); one brand major and “comprehensive reform pilot” major of Hubei (International Economics and Trade). The courses-international trade (bilingual), International Trade MOOC, and International Trade Practice are national first-class undergraduate, national video, and provincial first-class courses, respectively.

The Department has three teaching and research offices (International Trade, International Business, and Trade Economics) with strong faculty and a reasonable structure. There are 27 faculty members, including professors (8), associate professors (11), and instructors (8). The teachers aged 50 years or younger all have doctor’s degrees awarded by famous domestic or overseas universities. Many teachers have overseas academic visits or study experiences. Among the teachers, there is one Young Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, one New Millennium Excellent Talent of the Ministry of Education, one member of the Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, one Henry Fok Young Teacher Award, one Hubei May Fourth Youth Medal, one receiver of Hubei Provincial Government Special Allowance, one titled “young or middle-aged expert with special contributions to Hubei, and one titled “Millennium High-end Innovation Talent of Hubei.” In recent years, teachers of the Department have undertaken 15 projects sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation of China or the National Natural Science Foundation of China; ten projects supported by the social science fund of the Ministry of Education or Henry Fok Young Teacher Research Fund; and over ten projects awarded the An Zijie International Trade Research Prize, National Business Development Research Prize or Hubei Social Science Research Prize. Many papers have been published in prestigious domestic or foreign journals, including World DevelopmentCanadian Journal of Economics, China Economic ReviewThe World EconomyEconomic Research, Management World, and so on. The Department is an important research force in the economic and trade field. 


Undergraduate Programs: International Economics and Trade

                                               Trade Economics

Master’s Programs: International Trade

                                   Industrial Economics (Trade Economics)

                                   Master of International Business

Doctor’s Programs: International Trade

                                   Industrial Economics (Trade Economics)