Department of Marketing Management

Department Chair: DU Peng

Vice Chair: WANG Tian


The origin of the Department of Marketing Management can be traced back to 1948 when it was called the Department of Cooperation and Trade, Zhongyuan University. The original department was restructured for several times and renamed consecutively as Department of Finance and Trade, Department of Business Economics, Department of Trade Economics, Department of Trade Economy Management, and Department of Trade and Marketing Management. In December 2015, the Marketing teaching and research office and the E-commerce teaching and research office were merged, and the Department of Marketing Management was established.

The Department has one post-doctoral Business Administration research station. The Department has one doctorate programme, namely Enterprise Management (Marketing), two master programs (Marketing, and E-commerce) and two undergraduate programs (Marketing, and E-commerce). Enterprise Management (Marketing, E-commerce) is a key discipline of Hubei Province; the Marketing Teaching Team is awarded as a provincial excellent primary-level teaching organization of Hubei universities (2021); the Marketing major is approved by the Ministry of Education as one of the six first-class undergraduate major construction sites at the national level (2020); Marketing is a national-level characteristic specialty and a brand major of Hubei Province; Marketing is a national-level excellent course (2007); A Guide to Value Marketing is a national-level excellent online open course (2012); Marketing is a national-level excellent shared course (2013); Everybody Needs Marketing is a national quality open online course (2019); Marketing is national first-class undergraduate course (online and offline hybrid teaching) (2020); Marketing is included in the lists of business administration core courses to be developed as first-class golden courses by the Steering Committee of Business Administration Education, Ministry of Education (2020); and Marketing Course is a national-plan textbook for the Eighth Five-Year Plan, the Ninth Five-Year Plan, the Tenth Five-Year Plan and the Eleventh Five-Year Plan; Everybody Needs Marketing is a national quality open online course (2020).

The Department has two teaching and research offices (Marketing, and E-commerce), and a competent, well-structured, energetic and experienced teaching and research team. Education backgrounds of the teachers include economics, management, mathematics, statistics and computer science. The faculty team is composed of 25 teachers. Among them, two are professors (8%), two are doctorate supervisors, 15 are associate professors (60%), and eight are lecturers (32%). It is worth mentioning that four teachers have master’s degree or doctor’s degree awarded by overseas universities (Berlin Institute of Technology, Université de Bordeaux 1, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Loughborough University); 18 teachers have overseas academic visit experiences (Illinois State University, Cornell University, Michigan State University, Saint Mary’s University, Alabama State University, University of Canterbury, and City University of Hong Kong); two teachers are receivers of State Council Government Special Allowance; one teacher is a receiver of Hubei Provincial Government Special Allowance; one teacher is one of the One Hundred Most Famous Higher Education Teachers of the Nation; one teacher is a middle or young aged expert with special contributions to Hubei; one teacher is a provincial or ministry level millennium discipline leader, and five teachers are Wenlan young scholars.

Such a competent faculty team has been making fruitful teaching and research achievements over the years. Since 2012, teachers of the Department of Marketing Management have undertaken 20 projects sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation of China or the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 32 provincial or ministry-level projects and over 20 horizontal research projects. Over 90 papers have been published on prestigious journals, including Journal of Marketing Research (UTD24), Production and Operations Management (UTD24), Journal of International Business Studies (UTD24), Journal of Consumer Psychology (FT50), Journal of Consumer Psychology (FT50), Journal of Business Ethics (FT50), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (FT50), Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, Journal of Interactive Advertising, International Journal of Mobile Information Systems, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Management World, China Management Science, Journal of Management Science, Nankai Management Review, Finance and Trade Economics, Journal of Psychology, Economic Management, Journal of Marketing Science, etc.

Since Management is a practice-and-application-oriented discipline, majors of the Department of Marketing Management are encouraged to combine theories with practices. By partnering with China Tobacco Hubei Industrial LLC, Master Kong, Mayinglong Pharmaceutical, Suning, Baidu, Tencent and other companies, the Department has created several off-campus internship bases, setting solid foundation for sustainable development of various majors and the cultivation of composite talents that meet social needs. Teachers of the Department have provided training and consulting services concerning marketing management, brand management, e-commerce and online marketing for many enterprises and organizations including Hubei Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily, Changjiang Daily, The Beijing News, Hubei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Hainan Provincial Department of Health, Hubei Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, Wuhan Information Industry Bureau, Wuhan Zhongbai Group, Hubei Cotton Co., Ltd., Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, China Tobacco Hubei Industrial LLC, China Telecom Hubei, China Unicom Hubei, China Mobile Guangdong, China Mobile Hainan, HNA Group, Ali Research, Changjiang Securities, China Galaxy Securities, Sinopec Hubei, Goodbaby International, Mayinglong Pharmaceutical, Master Kong, Chow Tai Fook, Yellow Crane Tower scenic area, Angel Yeast, Weishang Furniture, etc.

The Department has established academic communication and cooperation with University of Canterbury, City University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Shih Chien University. In the future, the cross-discipline integration of marketing + e-commerce will be highlighted. Internet technologies will be used to develop unique features. Researches will be focused on new media marketing, customer insight and marketing innovation powered by big data, user behavior and business model in the era of mobile internet, behavior mechanism in social network, and Chinese local marketing theories. Research methods will be gradually adapted to the international trend that combines qualitative researches with quantitative researches.


Undergraduate Programs: Marketing

                                               Electronic Business

Master’s Programs: Marketing Management

                                   Electronic Business

Doctor’s Program: Marketing Management