From May 11st to 13rd, 2011, the AMBA accreditation expert group gave an on-site accreditation for ZUEL’s MBA and EMBA program.In August 2011, ZUEL received a formal notice from AMBA, becoming the seventh AMBA institution in China’s mainland, as well as the first national business school and the second school in central China to get AMBA accreditation.From June 9th to 10th, 2014, the accreditation expert group gave an on-site certification for ZUEL’s MBA and EMBA program.In October 2014, ZUEL’s MBA program formally passed the AMBA accreditation for the second time and received a five-year accreditation period.In May 2019, the SBA received the correspondence from the Business Graduates Association (BGA), which confirmed the SBA’s membership of the BGA. This marked another breakthrough in international accreditation that the SBA made after passing the AMBA accreditation for the first time in 2011 and passing the AMBA accreditation for the second time in 2014.From June 25th to 26th 2019, the AMBA accreditation expert group made an on-site visit to the SBA’s MBA program for the third time.

In October 2019, an official written notification from AMBA headquarters said the SBA’s MBA program passed the AMBA accreditation for the third time, and was granted a five-year accreditation period. In the notification and feedback report from AMBA headquarters, the accreditation expert group gave a highly positive comment on the support offered by ZUEL’s leaders, functional departments, and the SBA (MBA Education Center) to MBA education. Meanwhile, this group spoke highly of self-evaluation report and the Dean’s report presented by the SBA, as well as the organization work of the on-site accreditations. Besides, this group agreed that the SBA’s performance of the above several aspects ranked the top of AMBA business schools across China.

From December 14th to 16th,2020, an accreditation expert group of the BGA paid a three-day online visit to the SBA. In February 2021, the SBA received a letter from AMBA&BGA to congratulate it on officially passing the BGA accreditation (Gold status). This accreditation was the SBAs first overall one including all the programs from the stage of bachelor to the stage of master and doctor. Since then, ZUEL has become the fourth AMBA&BGA double-accredited business school in China, and the SBA passed the BGA accreditation for the first time in 2021.

In September 2019, the SBA submitted the application to AACSB for altering AACSB membership from the former MBA School to the SBA. In October 2019, the School set up the International Accreditation Office and equipped it with staff, marking the official restart of AACSB international accreditation.In July 2020, the SBA passed the Business Unit of Accreditation Application and was allowed to apply for AACSB accreditation as a single business academic unit.In February 2021, the SBA’s Eligibility Application (EA) was approved by the accreditation committee during AACSB’s first Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) meeting, marking a milestone step for the SBA to receive AACSB accreditation. Through a year of efforts, the SBA finished its initial self-evaluation report (iSER) and submitted it to IAC for review on February 15th, 2022.In June 2022, the SBA received official feedback from IAC and now is further revising and updating the iSER.

In December 2020, the SBA officially obtained EFMD Membership Review Committee’s approval and became its full member. As a network composed of global elite business schools based on Europe and advanced management education institutions, EFMD serves as a leading platform for exchanges between management theoretical innovation and practical information. Besides, its EQUIS accreditation system is one of the top three leading international business school accreditation systems. Joining EFMD meant that the SBA has taken the next step in realizing its strategic goal for international development. In addition, it laid a solid foundation for the SBA to passed AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditations, as well as made a due contribution to promoting the SBA’s international development, deepening its diversified cooperation with Europe and boosting ZUEL’s disciplines of the national “Double First-Class Initiative” in the future .