Department of Human Resources Management

Department Chair: ZHAO Chenhui

Vice Chair: TANG Yipeng


The Department of Human Resources Management was founded in 2015 after restructuring the former Department of National Economy Management and the Department of Business Administration. Affiliated to the Department are two teaching and research offices (i.e., Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour); three university-level research institutes (International Human Resources Development and Management Institute, the Leadership Research Centre, and Digital Economy and Business Ethics Research Centre); two first-level discipline doctor’s degree awarding stations (i.e., Business Administration and Applied Economics); and a national economics and management teaching demonstration center. The development of our discipline of Human Resources Management can trace back to the cultivation of personnel administrators began in 1950s; the enrolment of undergraduate students specializing in human resources management began in 1999 when only nine universities of the nation provided similar education programme. Currently, the Department has built a “undergraduate-master-doctorate-postdoc” integrated teaching and research platform. The discipline is a strategic new (pillar) industry talent cultivation major of Hubei; the earliest, biggest and most unique “application-oriented, composite and open” high-end human resources manager cultivation base of the nation; a managing member of China Human Resources Development Research Society; the vice chairman of Knowledge and Skill Contest Council, China Human Resources Development Research Society; the secretary-general of Hubei Human Resources Government-Industry-University-Research-EmployerAssociation; and the director of Talent Cultivation Committee, Hubei Human Resources Society. The Department now has over 400 in-campus undergraduate students, over 60 master students and over ten doctorate students.

The Department has a very competent, responsible, well-structured and competitive faculty team composed of 15 teachers, including four professors, three doctorate supervisors, 13 master supervisors, eight associate professors, two full-time teachers with a doctor’s degree awarded by overseas universities, three Wenlan Young Scholars, one member with the Consulting Committee of Hubei Provincial Government, one human resources development chief expert with Hubei Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, one expert with Hubei Public Service Think Tank, and one winner of ZUEL Teaching Prize (first edition). Moreover, the department has 32 innovation practice tutors. The percentage of teachers with a doctor’s degree is 100%. The teachers are graduates of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other famous universities. These teachers have complementary knowledge backgrounds, a positive attitude, an enthusiasm in teaching and endless potentials to explore. In recent years, teachers of the Department have undertaken thirteen projects sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation of China or the National Natural Science Foundation of China; over 20 projects sponsored by social science fund of the Ministry of Education; 11 industry-university cooperative education projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education and other provincial or ministry-level programs; over 60 horizontal research projects; and over 200 consulting and training projects for companies and organizations in and out of the province. Over 90 papers have been published on Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Relations, Leadership Quarterly, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behaviour, Journal of Management, Journal of Knowledge Management, Management World (Chinese), Nankai Management Review (Chinese), Journal of Psychology (Chinese), China Industrial Economics (Chinese), China Management Science (Chinese) and other prestigious journals. Many of the papers have been fully included in Xinhua Digest and Photocopy Collection of Renmin University of China. Over 30 monographs and textbooks have been published. Prizes won by teachers of the Department include the first, second and third prizes awarded by the former State Personnel Board; Hubei Development Research second and third prizes, Hubei excellent social science research second and third prizes, national corporate governance modern innovation second prize (twenty-fourth edition), and national award for 100 excellent management cases.

The mission of the Department is to build a world-class and unique human resources management major. With high importance attached on international communication, academic researches, and new development of HR practices, the Department has organized domestic and international academic conferences, and established close relationships with human resources institutions of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, etc. By aligning with international academic frontier, the Department has pooled available resources to support talent cultivation, enterprise development and economic transformation. Projects organized by the Department include high-end academic researches, think tank programme, teaching innovations, and “government-industry-university-research-employer” partnerships. The department sticks to the educational philosophy of centre on student-centered, orient to production, and continuously strive for self improvement, cultivates the talents who are expect at Management, good at Economy, knowledgable to Law, compassionate to others, and advocates of humanism.  Enterprise Innovation Club and Nanhu Talent Cultivation Company (simulated) have been created to provide students with practice opportunities. By partnering with corporate organizations, the Department has established several off-campus internship bases and innovation bases. Prizes for excellent teaching include Hubei excellent teaching first prize (sixth and seventh editions) and ZUEL undergraduate teaching first prize (two editions). The Department has published “Twelfth Five-year Plan” textbooks and released first batch of national-level excellent online open courses. Grand prize of party building theory was awarded by Hubei government. The party building articles has been included in national 100 best articles. The Department has been designated as excellent supervisor team and excellent teaching and research office of ZUEL. With solid foundation, wide ranging specialized knowledge, high comprehensive quality, international vision, sense of innovation, pioneering spirit, and modern concepts and methodology in human resources management, graduates of the Department have won high praise of Huawei, Tencent, State Grid, WISDRI, People’s Bank of China, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China etc. According to “College Graduate Employment Report of China” released by MyCOS Institute, human resources management is rated as one of the most popular majors by college graduates and their parents.


Undergraduate Program: Human Resources Management

Master’s Program: Business Management (Human Resources Management)

Doctor’s Program: Business Management (Human Resources Management)