WANG Xingang

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WANG Xingang
Associate Professor




· Marketing


· Critical Literature Reading and Creative Thinking

· New Media Marketing

· Special Topics on Marketing Research Methods

· Dissertation Writing Guidance (Marketing Management)

· Consumer Behavior



· City University of Hong Kong, Visiting Scholar, 2017, Hong Kong, China

· Wuhan University, Ph.D, 2011, Wuhan, China

· Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Master, 2006, Wuhan, China

· Henan University of Economics and Law, Bachelor, 2006, Zhengzhou, China



· Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Faculty, 2011.07- , Wuhan, China



Bachelor's Program

· New Media Marketing, 2021-2022

Research Master's Program

· Dissertation Writing Guidance (Marketing Management), 2021-2022

· Critical Literature Reading and Creative Thinking, 2021-2022Consumer Behavior, 2021-2022

Doctoral Program

· Critical Literature Reading and Creative Thinking, 2021-2022

· Special Topics on Marketing Research Methods, 2021-2022




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· A Study on the Rooting of Speculative Preferential Buying Behavior in Crisis Situations -- Economic Rationality Triggers Social Anomie (Taking the Guoxiaoyun Event on Tmall Global as an Example), Journal of Marketing Science, 2022, (3): 99-118 (D,1/1)

· Concept Discrimination and Literature Review of Joint Consumption, Luojia Management Review, 2022, (2): 89-106 (C,1/3)

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· The Exploration and Practice of Scientific Research and Education in the Training of New Business Talents, University Level, 2020 (A1,3/7)

· The Practice and Application of the Five in One Scientific Research Education Model in the Cultivation of Innovative Talents in New Business Discipline, University Level, 2020 (D,3/7)


· 1st Prize of Excellent Thesis at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Hubei Provincial Marketing Association (WuhanHubei Province), Other, 2021 (E,1/1)

· 2nd Prize of Excellent Thesis at the 2021 Annual Meeting of Hubei Provincial Marketing Association (WuhanHubei Province), Other, 2021 (E,1/1)

· Nomination Award for Outstanding Papers at the Academic Annual Meeting of the China University Marketing Research Association in 2020, Other, 2020 (E,1/1)


· Textbook Brand Management edition, Graduate Innovation Education Project by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Research Project, 2022-2023

· Tell a good story and promote culture: construction and promotion of Jingchu brand, Industry Project, Industry Project, 2022-2022

· An Analysis of the Evolutionary Law and Effect of Brand Well-being in the Context of Chinese Culture -- An Exploratory Study Based on Word Embedding Technology, Other Scientific Research Project by Department of Education of Hubei Province, Research Project, 2022-2023

· Ideological and political teaching guide for business administration courses, National Administry Committee on Teaching to Majors Project by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Research Project, 2021-2022

· Teaching design of Market Research Method under virtual simulation technology: from the perspective of industry-university-research integration, Industry-University Cooperative Education Project by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Industry Project, 2021-2023

· Chain Closed-loop Self-management of Postgraduates' Physical and Mental Health: Exploration of Training Path and Examination and Evaluation, Project of Provincial Teaching Reform, Research Project, 2020-2022  

· Internal Structure and Top Level System Construction of Chanyitang (K11 store), Industry Project, Industry Project, 2019-2020

· Provincial First Class Undergraduate Online Courses, Provincial First Class Brand Professional Construction Project, Industry Project, 2017-2018

· Research on the Asymmetric Spillover Effect of Brand Scandals: From the Perspective of the Components of National Image, General Project by National Science Foundation of China, Research Project, 2016-2019


· Selected in the Hubei Provincial Labor Brand Expert Database (2022) to provide the establishment and consultation of the labor brand value evaluation system to the Hubei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Expert, 2022-2022 (1/1)

· The expert candidate (2021) selected for the Academician and Expert Enterprise Tour of Hubei Province to guide the brand operation and management of Hubei Shuangfengshan Tourism Investment Co.Ltd, Expert, 2021-2022 (1/1)

· Hubei Marketing Academy(HBMA), Managing Director, 2020-2025 (1/1)