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FEI Xianzheng
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· Marketing


· Market Research

· Marketing Management

· Marketing Research Design

· Special Topics on Marketing Research Methods

· Dissertation Writing Guidance (Marketing Management)

· Management Research Methods



· City University of Hong Kong, Visiting Scholar, 2014, Hong Kong, China

· University of Alabama, Visiting Scholar, 2009, Alabama, USA

· Wuhan University, Ph.D, 2005, Wuhan, China

· Wuhan University, Master, 2000, Wuhan, China

· Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Bachelor, 1997, Wuhan, China



· Peking University, Post-doctor, 2012.10 -2014.10 , Beijing, China

· Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Faculty, 2005.07- , Wuhan, China



Bachelor's Program

· Market Research, 2021-2022

· Management Research Methods, 2021-2022

Research Master's Program

· Dissertation Writing Guidance (Marketing Management), 2021-2022

· Marketing Research Design, 2021-2022

Doctoral Program

· Special Topics on Marketing Research Methods, 2021-2022

MBA Program

· Marketing Management, 2021-2022




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· “Feeling Observed” or “Observing Others”? How Consumers’ Self-Awareness Influences Advertising Effectiveness in the Use of Social Media, Nankai Business Review, 2021 (C,1/1)

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· The Exploration and Practice of Scientific Research and Education in the Training of New Business Talents, University Level, 2020 (A1,2/7)

· The Practice and Application of the Five in One Scientific Research Education Model in the Cultivation of Innovative Talents in New Business Discipline, University Level, 2020 (D,2/7)


· 3rd Prize of the 13th Hubei Provincial Social Science Excellent Achievement Award: Research on the Influence of Tactile Mental Image of Mobile Application Icon on Consumer Preference, Provincial and Ministerial Level, 2022 (D,1/1)

· Business Development Research Achievement Award for 2020-2021 (Excellent Paper Award), Other, 2022 (E,1/1)

· Excellent Paper Award of the Academic Annual Meeting of the China University Marketing Research Association in 2020, Other, 2020 (E,1/1)


· Research on consumer behavior and marketing innovation in the context of mobile internet, Major Project by Ministy of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, Research Project, 2022-2023

· Ideological and political teaching guide for business administration courses, National Administry Committee on Teaching to Majors Project by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Research Project, 2021-2022

· Research on the Matching Relationship between Marketing Communication Strategies and Social Media Scenes: Based on the Perspective of Consumers' Self-Awareness, General Project by National Science Foundation of China, Research Project, 2020-2021

· A Study on the Reverse Intergenerational Influence of Intergeneration in the Consumption of Mobile Internet Products: An integrated perspective of the mental development of the elderly and Chinese culture, Humanities and Social Science Research Project by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Research Project, 2020-2021


· New Media Marketing Research Committee (NMMRC) of Chinese Marketing Association of Universities(CMAU), Director General, 2021-2026 (1/1)

· Marketing Management Professional Committee of China Management Modernization Research Association, Managing Director, 2020-2025 (1/1)

· Hubei Marketing Academy(HBMA), Vice Director General, 2019-2022 ,Corresponding author1/1)

· Chinese Marketing Association of Universities(CMAU), Vice Director General, 2019-2023 ,Corresponding author1/1)


· Journal of Marketing Science, Editorial Board, 2020-2025 (1/1)