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TIAN Bifei
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· Economics


· International Business Dissertation Writing Guidance

· International Investment and Multinational Enterprise Management (Bilingual)

· Multinational Management

· Seminars on International Business

· Special Research on China's Foreign Trade

· Special Research on International Business

· Transnational corporations and FDI

· Transnational Operation and Management (Bilingual)



· Texas A&M University, Visiting Scholar, 2016, Texas, USA

· University of Canterbury, Visiting Scholar, 2009, New Zealand

· Wuhan University, Ph.D, 2006, Wuhan, China

· Wuhan University, Master, 2003, Wuhan, China

· Hubei University, Bachelor, 2000, Wuhan, China



· Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Faculty, 2006.07-, Wuhan, China



Bachelor's Program

· Transnational Operation and Management (Bilingual), 2021-2022

Research Master's Program

· Transnational corporations and FDI, 2021-2022

· Multinational Management, 2021-2022

· Seminars on International Business, 2021-2022

Doctoral Program

· Special Research on China's Foreign Trade, 2021-2022

· Special Research on International Business, 2021-2022

Specialty Master's Program

· International Investment and Multinational Enterprise Management (Bilingual), 2021-2022

· International Business Dissertation Writing Guidance, 2021-2022




· Does FDI Promote Entrepreneurial Activities? A Meta-Analysis, World Development, 2021 (C,Corresponding author3/3)

· The Impact of Whether Leading Trade Can Adjust Institutional Distance on China’s Foreign Direct Investment, International Business, 2021, (1): 48-64 (C,1/1)

· How Does Structural Dependence Affect the Formation and Evolution of Trade Network: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Belt and Road, World Economy Studies, 2020, 39(6): 106-120 (C,3/3)

· International Entrepreneurship Path of Chinese New Ventures Based on Cross-border E-Commerce, Science Research Management, 2019, 40(9): 149-158 (C,Corresponding author1/2)

· Measurement of China's Service Industry Development Index and Analysis of Spatial Convergence, The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, 2018, 35(11): 111-127 (C,3/3)

· The Impact of Inward Foreign Direct Investment on Host Country’s International EntrepreneurshipAn Institutional Environment View, China Industrial Economics, 2018, 32(5): 43-61 (C,1/3)

· The Impact of Entrepreneurship on the Position of Global Value Chain Division of China's manufacturing industry, Journal of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, 2018, (4): 146-156 (C,1/2)

· Searching for Profit-shifting in China, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 2018, 12: 1-25 (C,Corresponding author2/4)


· The Rule of Global Digital Economy and Its Application, 2021 International Conference on Digital Economy and Computer Application , 2021-09-24 (Corresponding author1/1)

· The Impact of FDI Inflow on China’s Entrepreneurship Quality, The 2nd Jintai Youth Scholars Forum and the Youth Cup Paper Competition of the China Industrial Economics Association, 2020-08-10 (Corresponding author1/1)


· A Study of Chinese Firms' International Entrepreneurial Strategies: An Entrepreneurial Cognitive Perspective, China Social Sciences Press, 2019 (1/1)


· Build a Series of Courses in The UK to Cultivate the Global Competence of International Talents, University Level, 2020 (A1,3/99)

· Construction and Implementation of the Five-dimensional Coordination Talent Training Mode Oriented at Improving Workplace Soft Power, University Level, 2020 (A1,4/5)


· 3rd Prize of Hubei Development Research Award, Provincial and Ministerial Level, 2021 (D,1/1)

· 2020 Outstanding Scholar Award Selected by Young Chinese Economists, Other, 2020 (E,1/1)

· 3rd Prize Guidance Award of the Third National Excellent Master’s Degree Thesis in International Business, Other, 2018 (E,1/1)


· The changing trend of international FDI in the context of the epidemic situationthe dynamics and response of the in-depth adjustment of the industrial chain supply chain, Industry Project, Industry Project, 2022-2022

· Study on the Design of Business Environment Assessment Index System in Hubei Free Trade Zone, Industry Project, Industry Project, 2022-2022

· Evaluation of the 5th Anniversary of the Hubei Pilot Free Trade Zone and the promotion of 68 deep reform programs, Industry Project, Industry Project,  2022-2022

· Evaluation of the experience and effectiveness of the pilot reform of the replication and promotion of the pilot free trade zone in Hubei Province -- deepening the reform in the field of investment, Industry Project, Industry Project, 2021-2022

· Research on the impact of global digital economic rules on the development of Hubei’s open economy, Industry Project, Industry Project, 2021-2022

· Research on the Construction of, Project of Provincial Teaching Reform, Research Project, 2020-2022

· Research on the Impact of China’s OFDI on Host Country’s Entrepreneurship from the Perspective of Institutional Environment, Scientific Research Project by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Research Project, 2019-

· Research on the Impact of China's Streamlined Administration and Decentralization on Entrepreneurship: An International Comparison Based on the HCW Model, Humanities and Social Science Research Project by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Research Project, 2018-

· Research on International Entrepreneurship Strategy of Chinese Enterprises Based on Entrepreneur’s Cognition, Post-Funded Program by Hubei Provincial Social Science Foundation, Research Project, 2018-2018

· Hubei Province's, Other Provincial Curriculum Construction Project, Research Project, 2016-2018  

· Research on the Impact of China’s Foreign Direct Investment on Host Country's Entrepreneurship from the Perspective of Institutional Environment, Project by National Social Science Foundation of China, Research Project, 2019-