ZHAO Chenhui

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ZHAO Chenhui
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· Human Resource Management


· Human Resource Management Experiment

· Special Research on Modern Management

· Classic Literature of Enterprise Management

· Classic Literature of Technical Economy and Management



· Peking University, Ph.D, 2008, Beijing, China

· Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Master, 1998, Wuhan, China

· Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology, Bachelor, 1990, Wuhan, China



· Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Faculty, 1998.07- , Beijng, China

· Tonghua Group Co., LTD, Employee, 1990.07-1995.09, Tongling, China



Bachelor's Program

· Human Resource Management Experiment, 2021-2022

· Human Resource Management Experiment, 2021-2022

Doctoral Program

· Classic Literature of Technical Economy and Management, 2021-2022

· Classic Literature of Enterprise Management, 2021-2022

· Special Research on Modern Management, 2021-2022




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· First Prize for Teaching Achievement of 2020 ZUEL, University Level, 2020 (C,6/7)


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