SBA Successfully Conducted the Second Session of “Responsible Management Class with Mentors”

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At 14:30pm on June 15, 2022, the second lnviting Supervisors to the Responsible Management Class of SBA was successfully held in Meeting Room 506 at the North Wing of Wenquan Building,Nanhu Campus.Associate Professor Deng Yuanjian,Chair of Department of Agricultural Economics and Management and Secretary of Party Branch of SBA, Director of Chinese Ecological Economics Society and Secretary General of Hubei Ecological Economics Society, was invited to attend the theme ideological and political course Learning and Implementing Xi's Thought on Ecological Civilization from a Hundred Years of History with graduate students. The activity was presided over by Zhu Yanping , deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Associate Dean of administration of SBA.Zhao Yuanyuan, director of Postgraduate Affair Office, Xu Yiling and Jiang Weimin,full-time counselors, and graduate students of Grade 2020 and 2021 attended.

Deng Yuanjian interpreted the main contents and core principles of Xi's thought on ecologicalcivilization and summarized the basic experience of ecological civilization construction in China.Besides,he also shared the theoretical research results and practical exploration experience of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Management in the construction of ecological civilization as well as the positive contributions made to the construction.

The students have a deeper understanding of the course of ecological civilization construction in China by learning Xi's thought on ecological civilization in a more systematic way.They got to know the connotation of Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assetsand enhanced their sense of responsibility and mission in ecological civilization construction.Miao Wen, a graduate student majoringin International Trade, said,A clean environment and people's livelihood are closely related; people's happiness lies in a beautiful homeland with blue sky and green hills. As a graduate student,we must constantly improve our skills by studying and practicing, and integrate and embody ecological civilization construction in practice.Xu Ashan, a graduate student of Agriculture Management,said,As a student ofthe Department of Agricultural Economics, l want to better study and practice Xi's thought on ecologicalcivilization construction in the new era and contribute my youthful strength to building a beautiful China with my professional knowledge. A student of Tourism Management Du Vaqian told us,Many alittle makes a mickle.Every step taken to the ecological civilization construction will eventually contributeto building a beautiful China.We youth should keep the thought of General Secretary Xi in mind andpractice it by ourselves to leave a beautiful homeland with blue sky, green land and clear water for newgenerations.

ln the conclusion of the activity,Deputy Secretary Zhu Yanping advocated that everyone should further understand, publicize and implement Xi's thought on ecological civilization in their future study,work and life. In this way, they can promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature and also contribute to building a beautiful China together!

Since its launch in September 2021, the activity Inviting Supervisors to the Responsible ManagementClass has become a characteristic brand activity for the students of SBA. The special class with both faculty and students helps to effectively establish the mechanism of cooperative education with supervisors by integrating professional education with Responsible Management education. lt is also aneffective measure for SBA to implement the concept of “studying business with moralityof Educating Five Domains Simultaneously,which constantly leads students to establish a correct outlook on the world, life and values, and makes ideological and political education a beacon for young students to growup.