SBA Successfully Held the First Curriculum Responsible Management Competition

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On the afternoon of March 24, 2022, SBA held the first curriculum ideological and political teaching competition in Wenbo Building 109 Smart Classroom. Vice President and Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of ZUEL, Liu Renshan, Assistant to the President, Minister of the Academic Affairs Department, Li Zhisheng, Dean of SBA, Qian Xuefeng, Secretary of SBA, Wang Hualu, the Minister of Office of Graduate Student Affairs of the Party Committee, Xiao Cuixiang, Vice Minister of the Academic Affairs Department, Guo Beibei attended the competition as special guests. The judges of the competition consisted of members of the Undergraduate Teaching Steering Committee of SBA, members of the supervisory group of SBA and representatives of faculties with excellent teaching quality, namely Professor Hu Chuan, Vice Dean, Professor Wu Haitao, Vice Dean, Professor Li Fang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SBA, Professor Xiong Shengxu, Professor Shi Junwei, Professor Chen Yuping, Associate Professor Du Peng, Associate Professor Yao Shengbao, Associate Professor Hu Zongbiao and Associate Professor Zhou Lingxu. The contestants were divided into two age groups: over 40 years old and under 40 years old (including 40), and were selected and recommended by each department. 13 faculties finally participated in the competition.

At the beginning of the competition, Dean of SBA, Qian Xuefeng delivered a speech for the competition. He pointed out that, curriculum ideology and politics was an important aspect of carrying out ideological and political education. The competition was not an end in itself, but a way to fully bring out the faculties usual work on curriculum ideology and politics in class and it could improve curriculum ideology and politics. Moreover, faculties should give full play to the main role in educating people in the curriculum, so as to cultivate newcomers of the times who would take up the responsibility of national rejuvenation. Then, Vice President Liu Renshan gave an important speech on stage, pointing out that the goal of our school is to cultivate students both in moral and knowledge. All-faculty, whole-process, all-around education should give full play to the role of the class, so as to achieve the integration of ideological and political education and class teaching, and generate subtle and effective influence on students in the class. Besides, faculties should practice Mr. Tao Xingchis educational philosophy of teaching students to seek truth and learning to be true, and be pragmatic and realistic to give full play to the leadership of truth, goodness and beauty in the professional class, so as to teach students to be true.

Afterwards, the host announced the start of the competition. Thirteen contestants took to the stage one by one, then they deeply explored ideological and political elements contained in each course and the nurturing functions carried by them from the characteristics of their own disciplines. They presented two parts, namely the construction of curriculum ideology and politics and the class teaching demonstration, focusing on the integration of professional knowledge, and nurturing elements and the design of class teaching, so as to achieve the unity of knowledge imparting” and value guidance. Contestants showed distinctive teaching designs and teaching styles.

After a fierce competition, Professor Liu Wentong from the Department of Business Administration and Professor Liu Wenxing from the Department of Human Resource Management won the first prize; Professor Sun Huichun and Professor Song Min from the Department of Agricultural Economics and Management and Professor Wu Zhenqiu from the Department of Economics and Trade won the second prize; Professor Li Minglong from the Department of Tourism Management, Professor Sun Hongqing from the Department of Marketing Management, Professor He Zuoyu from the Department of Economics and Trade and Professor Lu Liang from the Department of Human Resource Management won the third prize; Professor Jiang Yiran from the Department of Marketing Management, Professor Li Hai and Professor Yu Sheng from the Department of Operation and Supply Chain Management, and Professor Zou Rong from the Department of Tourism Management won the Outstanding Award in the competition.

Afterwards, Xiao Cuixiang, the Minister of Office of Graduate Student Affairs of the Party Committee, commented as the guest representative. He thought that the 13 faculties’ lectures today were classic and vivid, closely connected with current affairs and life, and very professional in their explanations. Besides, they were really learning, really understanding and really believing in the concept of curriculum ideology and politics; then Professor Shi Junwei, as the judges representative, commented on the performance of the contestants. He pointed out that ideology and politics should not only include political stance and views, but also penetrate into the outlook on life, values and worldview. All faculties combined professional knowledge with the elements of ideological and political, which could generate subtle and effective influence on students. In conclusion, the presentations given by the participating faculties today are very distinctive and impressive.

Finally, Secretary Wang Hualu summarized the competition. Secretary Wang believed that this Curriculum Ideological and Political Teaching Competition was an important exploration of how to teach curriculum ideology and politics well. Education should not only train people, but also carry out four services; the participating faculties combined professional knowledge with Chinese culture, national events and the guiding ideology of the Party, and spoke brilliantly; in addition, this competition did not set age limitations, and faculties of different ages participated together, which played a role of learning exchange and teaching heritage; this ideological and political teaching competition was well organized and timely. Finally, Secretary Wang sincerely thanked all the guests, judges, participating faculties and all the staff for their participation and thanked for their hard work! It made the competition a success.

At this point, the First Curriculum Ideological and Political Teaching Competition of SBA successfully ended.