Guided by Curriculum-Based Responsible Management Awareness, Integration of Economics, Law, and Business Administration: the Conference on Sharing Achievements of Enterprise Survey and Establishment Has Been Successfully Held in ZUEL

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On the afternoon of December 14th, 2022, a conference on sharing achievements of Enterprise Survey amdEstablishment, a course on social practices in 2021 summer vacation, was successfully held in the newly-built Centerfor Quality Education of Undergraduate Students of ZUEL. A total of ten course groups from seven schools rangingfrom School of Business Administration, School of Public Finance and Taxation, School of Finance, Criminal JusticeSchool to School of Foreign Languages,School of Accounting as well as School of Information and SafetyEngineering gave a slide presentation at this conference. Professor Zhao Chenhui, the guidance counselor of this course,Mr.Gong XiongJun, the director of Hubei Jingchu Creative Space Coffee, as well as Mr. Liu HaoTian and Mrs.Xu MengDan who both won national-level awards for many times served as judges of this conference to guide and critique achievements presented by all course groups.

This course has put theory into practice/integrate theory with practice.Under the guidance of the counselors, thestudents are required to pursue the unity of knowledge and practice against a background of the 100thanniversary ofthe founding of the Communist Party of China.Specifically, they should conduct field studies in villages enterprises,factories and mines through various approaches spanning questionnaires, on-the-spot interviews and live experiences inorder to explore the problems that confronted the enterprises and resulting innovations they introduced in terms of resumption of work and production,organizational structure,information technology, business model,and talentcultivation. Then based on our university's strength lying in an integration of economics,law and business administration,the students who would be divided into several groups should join hands to analyze industryknowledge,enterprise data,and other information to put forward multi-dimensional optimization proposals andsolutions.They, in turn, were required to establish a mock enterprise that includes articles of association, organizational structure, business model, business plans, etc, thus imitating how to operate and manage an enterprise.

Every course group gave a specific report on the achievements they have made during this course as follows.The first group made an investigation into the problem of information asymmetry facing the college students whileworking a part-time job, and meanwhile,envisioned a mock agency that aims at providing college students with part-time-job information. The second one, based on expanding VR application and the market of new energy vehicles,explored the effect of innovating the two-tier training structure with reality and virtuality of the driving school in moredetail, focusing on Bole Driving School. Against the backdrop of regular pandemic prevention and control, the thirdgroup mainly made an enquiry into and did a research on the dilemma of human resource management faced by smalland medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),thus making some suggestions like upgrading software and hardware.facilitating the digitization of enterprises’ human resource management. Centering on“internet plus”ageingeconomy against the background of population ageing, the fourth group proposed an idea of developing JiuyuApp forsmart senior care in response to the present problems such as the low threshold of market access and poor quality ofservice in elderly care industry. Based on dual-circulation development architecture and the innovative,green” development philosophy,the fifth group researched into Zhejiang TUNA Environmental Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and put forward a targeted model integrating the environmental protection enterprises and theinternet.

In response to the import ofchip components,the sixth group learned about the extent of technical limits’influence over the production and sales of small- and medium-sized technology firms, the legal and financialrisks facing them as well as the relevant measures they took,with three tech firms as its research subject and thenraised several management and policy recommendations for those tech firms. With the core strengths of Winged Bird”Education Model and “Growth Path”Employment Service System, the seventh group dug deep into theconcept of integrating the resources of enterprises with vocational schools and universities , and asked for a humanresource firm covering the whole industrial chain based on the shared training skills in targeted service of big data.With the support of Pressure-State-Response (PSR) model, the eighth group proposed that intelligent data be underintegrated management so as to facilitate the establishment of an information platform for intelligent construction sitesthat stimulates enterprises to accelerate digital transformation after analyzing how the COVID-19 has affected WuhanOptical Valley Construction Co.,Ltd.The ninth group introduced the notion of “LOHAS Economy”(LOHAS is theacronym for 'Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability') to its investigation into the development status and prospects ofelderly care industry with the Internet Plus model, and then set up a preliminary assessment system through anempirical research on Hangzhou meici Technology Co. Ltd.Revolving around the status quo and challenges confrontedFiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd. in resources allocation, employee compensation and employeefeedback, the tenth group presented how this company tackled those challenges.       

At the end of this presentation,Mr. Liu Haotian and Prof. Zhao Chenhui critiqued all the achievementspresented by every group. Firstly, Prof.Zhao gave a positive response to all the students’ research results whilepointing out several defects. He explained that the course Enterprise Survey amnd Establishment requires that studentsshould establish an enterprise and study a certain industry on the basis of research ans survey, and propose optimizingstrategies for existing problems by setting up an enterprise or a platform. The course was set up to take advantage ofthe strengths lying in an integration of economics,law and business administration and students in-depth investigations. Specifically,it aims at encouraging students to innovate and resolve questions through analyzing,andhelping them understand China,society,an enterprise 's operation and development,as well as seek solutions to problems in the form of integrating theory and knowledge with practice, thus integrating professional education, well-round education as well as ideological and political education. Then Prof.Zhao made an introduction of this course 'stasks and arrangements.He also expressed his hope that all the students could work together to help this course developinto a school- or even provincial-level ideological and political theory model course on social practices.

This conference was organized and undertaken by Nanhu Talent Development Center (Model) and Wuhan Wenquan Intelligence Valley Technology Co.,Ltd.