Volunteer Association of SBA Held a Computer Free Clinic Activity

publisher:陈珂release time:2022-05-30viewed:53

As a major information carrier in the information age, computer is an important tool for students in their study and life. In order to help students solve the problems they encounter when using computers and facilitate their lives, on May 29, the Volunteer Association of SBA of ZUEL, together with the Zhongnan computer-operation team of the School of Entrepreneurship, jointly held a computer free clinic volunteer activity, with the theme of Protecting Computer, Serving You at Wuyang Square of Nanhu Campus of ZUEL.

On the day of the event, the free clinic activity was in full swing and attracted many students to bring their computers for repair. The event focused on solving both hardware and software problems for students, including: dusting the interior of the computer case, dusting the power supply, as well as repairing hardware, checking computer viruses, installing system, optimizing system, partitioning hard disk, installing driver and troubleshooting system. To help the computer clinic activity run smoothly and in an orderly manner, the volunteers registered the students information and guided them to wait in order for the computer diagnosis and repair. While carefully checking the computers, the technicians from Zhongnan computer-operation team patiently answered the students questions during the repair and inspection process, and introduced relevant practical computer knowledge and maintenance skills.

The event was a great opportunity to help those in trouble and need. A staff in Zhongnan team said The activity is meaningful. Today, I found out that some students would spend a lot of money to install a very poor system at a computer repair shop and there were all kinds of problems with their computers. With the computer free clinic activity, students dont have to waste money any more. At the same time, as a student majoring in computer and relative departments, I can learn a lot during the activity. Some students have strange problems with their computers and the process of solving these problems is also a learning process for me.”

Technicians detailed explanation brought much benefit for the students, and the volunteers’ enthusiastic service and hard work also gained smiles of satisfaction and sincere thanks from the students. This computer free clinic activity not only helped the students solve their computer problems, but also increase their computer-related knowledge that facilitates their study and life. The volunteers also improved their practical hands-on skills and communication service skills, carried out the spirit of volunteer service and showed the good outlook of youth in the new era.