Volunteer Activity for Tuzhen Town Middle School

publisher:陈珂release time:2022-05-22viewed:44

The Eyas Volunteer Team of SBA launched a volunteer activity online for Tuzhen Middle School on the Shouyi Campus of ZUEL on May 22, 2022 in order to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China and to demonstrate the excellence and responsibility of modern youth. Under the rules of epidemic prevention, this team shot a video remotely to encourage the students from Tuzhen Middle School for their high school entrance examination and filmed a textbook play about the history of ZUEL. In this way, the students could visit ZUEL online and have a deep understanding of the history of ZUEL.

First, the members of the Eyas Volunteer Team reviewed the history of ZUEL’s development from Chung Yuan University to ZUEL, and discussed the video many times from the casting and scene setting to field introduction of the historical dramas. On the day of the shooting, the team members, wearing uniforms and emblems of the Communist Youth League of China, delivered sincere wishes to the ninth-grade students from Tuzhen Middle School in the video, showing a positive and high-spirited attitude of the students of ZUEL. The volunteers, also the students of ZUEL, shared their experience such as “taking the exam calmly” and “strengthening confidence”, and also expressed their wishes that the students from Tuzhen Middle School can pass the high school entrance examination with flying colors. A volunteer said: “Three years ago, senior schoolmates blessed me when I took the high school entrance examination; three years later, I sent blessings to the students in Tuzhen. I believe this is also a transfer of love.”

This activity focused on the revolutionary culture. As its core part, the textbook play told the history of ZUEL during the revolutionary period. In 1948, the Central Plains Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to establish Chung Yuan University. Many students were puzzled over this correct decision and wavered in face of difficulties. In order to stabilize their emotions and keep their mind on learning, Comrade Chen Yi made a special report on “Study and Work Issues in the Liberated Areas” to the students in Dabaizhuang, calling on the students to set their mind on learning and contribute to the Central Plains Liberated Areas. At the end of the historical play, the volunteers moved the camera upward from the actor in Siyuan to the statue of General Chen Yi. At that moment, time and space overlapped; history and reality merged. 74 years ago, 300 young intellectuals pressed the start button of ZUEL with their longing for the liberated area; 74 years later, the students carried the hopes of the elder generations and took on the great mission of ZUEL in the new era.

This activity not only led the students from Tuzhen Middle School to understand the university, expand their horizons, and learn about revolutionary culture, but also sent sincere blessings to the fresh graduates. Additionally, the Eyas Volunteer Team donated more than 1,000 yuan obtained by operating shops this semester as scholarships and grants to motivate the students from Tuzhen Middle School to study hard and take the high road. The volunteers transferred love and beauty during the activity, and called on the whole society to pay more attention to left-behind children and contribute to their growth.