Research Center for Leadership

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        Professor Han Yi

Research Interests:

        1) Leadership Science

        2) Human Resources Management

        3) Organization Behavior


Established in April, 2016, Research Center for Leadership (the Center) has always been in good shape. Its director and leading members have made remarkable achievements in projects, publication and awards. Six research programs, declared by them, including one key program funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), one program supported by key grant project of Ministry of Educations philosophy and natural science research and three general programs, have been approved. They have also published six papers in journals, included in FT-50 Journals List such as Human Relations, Journal of Management and Human Resource Management, and at the same time, published over fifty papers in Management World, Acta Psychologica Sinica, Journal of Management Sciences in China, Nankai Business Review and other Chinese scholarly journals. Their papers won the second and third prizes awarded by Chinese Human Resource Management Association respectively, as well as received the grand and first prizes awarded by Hubei Human Resource Management Association.

To jointly promote discipline development and academic exchanges, the Centers director and leading members play a vital role in social services. Specifically, they work part-time in the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR), Chinese Academy of Management, Hubei Human Resource Association, Chinese Psychological Academy (CPS) and Hubei Psychological Academy, among which Professor Long Lirong assumes the role of Vice Chairman of Organization Behavior and Human Resources Management Professional Committee for Chinese Academy of Management, as well as Professor Han Yi and Professor Liu Zhiqiang serve as its permanent members. Besides, Prof. Long is an associate editor of Acta Psychologica Sinica, while Prof. Han is an editorial board member of Luojia Management Review. In addition, the Centers researchers serve as reviewers of various top journals including Human Resource Management(SSCI), Journal of Organizational Change Management(SSCI), Management World, Acta Psychologica Sinica, Nankai Business Review, Journal of Management Sciences in China, Science Research Management, Studies in Science of Science, Foreign Economics & Management, Chinese Journal of Management, Journal of Central China Normal University, Journal of Business Economics, plus others. They also take charge of reviewing the academic papers that are submitted to the Academy of Management (AOM), IACMR, Chinese Human Resource Management Association Annual Meeting, and Chinese Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

The Center is appointed as mail-reviewers of NSFC, the National Social Science Fund of China, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Foundation of the Ministry of Education, and Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation, out of which Prof. Long and Prof. Liu serve as an expert in panel review of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Prof. Han is a reviewing expert of Changjiang Scholars Program or Cheung Kong Scholars Program. All the three scholars have since attended the Shuangqing Forum set up by NSFC many times. In addition, in response to national key strategic demands, the Center provides the government, enterprises and public institutions with counseling service in crosswise tasks, enterprise services, consultation for government affairs and other aspects.