Research Center for New Media Marketing

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        Associate Professor Sun Hongqing

Research Interests:

        1) New Media Marketing

        2) Digital Marketing


The Research Center for New Media Marketing (the Center) runs with the help of the Department of Marketing Management of ZUEL. The Center has united with many domestic experts, scholars and elites in the field of new media marketing from City University of Hong Kong, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and New York University Shanghai, as well as the teaching and research teams of the School of Journalism and Culture Communication and the China-Korea Institute of New Media in ZUEL. With the construction purpose of forming synergy through the joint efforts of enterprises, universities, and research institutes in new media marketing, training high-quality versatile marketing talents, and creating a new media marketing research base, the Center brings together experts and scholars in marketing management, e-commerce, new media, big data analysis, and strategic management which form teaching and research team with a solid theoretical foundation, rich field experience, and complementary capabilities. The Center mainly focuses on the basic theoretical research of new media marketing and the application of the industrys hot spots and difficulties. Besides, the Center undertakes systematic and high-end training of high-level talents in this field, carries out marketing planning, brands strategic management, and business model innovation consulting based on new media marketing, and organizes Chinas Brand and New Media Marketing Teaching and Research Seminars and Industry-Academia-Research Integration Summit.

The Center has made remarkable achievements in various aspects such as curriculum development, textbook compilation, scientific research and academic cooperation so far. In terms of scientific research, in the past three years, it has gotten approval of 5 funding projects in national social science or natural science and published 5 papers in top international journals, including 2 UTD journals. In terms of teaching reform, the construction of new media marketing special courses has received wide attention and recognition from national peers. The Center has gotten invitations from 3 national academic conferences for giving keynote speeches, and 5 national publishers for developing new media marketing planning textbooks. In terms of social services, the Center’s researchers have participated in directing a number of new media marketing projects of well-known enterprises, which has greatly enhanced the Centers social influence. In terms of academic cooperation, the Center has promoted the establishment of the New Media Marketing Special Committee of the China University Marketing Research Association and became the president unit, successfully held the 2nd China Brand and New Media Marketing Theory and Teaching Seminar in 2020, the 2021 National New Media Marketing Industry-Academia-Research Integration Summit and Micro Forum. In conclusion, the Center has in fact become the main driving force of new media marketing in national universities.