Research Center for Service Industry Standardization

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        Professor Wang Jiyun

Research Interests:

        1) Standardized Management

        2) Standard Data


Research Center for Service Industry Standardization (the Center) mainly relies on the masters degree program in standardized management and focuses on research related to the theory and practice of standardization, empowering the innovation and upgrading of service industry, and promoting its quality and efficient development. Since the establishment of the Center, under the leadership of Professor Wang Jiyun, Wang Yu, Wei Yongchang, Chen Fangyu, Wang Junjie, Mu Wen and other teachers have been actively engaged in scientific research and social services of standardization and have undertaken national and provincial research projects, and actively carried out standardization services at the national, provincial and municipal levels. With years of construction, promising achievements have been made in all aspects.

Since its establishment, the Center has carried out multi-level scientific research, and undertaken projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Education Projects, the Hubei Provincial Humanities and Social Sciences Project, and projects from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the China Institute of Standardization, provincial and municipal government projects, and projects from Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, China Tobacco Hubei Company and other corporations. With ample research funds, the Center has published high-level papers in authoritative journals in China and abroad.

Being one of the earliest institutions in Hubei Province to carry out tourism standardization research, the Center has undertaken dozens of tourism standardization researches and service consulting projects for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Hubei Provincial Department of Education, Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Wuhan City Bureau of Culture and Tourism, etc. It has been awarded as one of the “Top 10” advanced service institutions in Hubei Province. Since 2012 when the Center cooperated with Wuhan Tourism Bureau, the Center has provided important technical support for Wuhan to be a pilot city of national tourism standardization, and drafted the Wuhan Tourism Standardization Development Plan. Members of the Center were invited as experts in standardization evaluation, participating in local standard establishment, approval review of Hubei Province, as well as reviewing nearly 100 national and provincial standardization pilot demonstration projects, which provided intellectual support for the governments standardization work. The Center led and participated in the development of multiple types of standards mainly including national industry standards of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, local standards of Hubei Province, local standards of Guizhou Province, local standards of Wuhan, and group standards.

Members of the Center have been appointed as expert members in national, provincial and municipal standardization technical organizations and association group organizations to provide intellectual services for national, industry and local standardization construction. In view of the fact that our university is the earliest university in China to carry out standardization education, and has accumulated considerable experience in standardization discipline construction and personnel training, and the social services carried out by the Center in the field of standardization in Hubei Province have high social influence, Hubei Provincial Administration of Market Supervision has entrusted SBA to co-operate in organizing Hubei Province Standardization Education Teaching Workshops since 2022 so that standardization education can spread to more universities and be integrated into the construction of subjects from more fields.