Research Center for Corporation Value

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        Professor Wang Haisu

Research Interests:

        1) Reforms of State-owned Enterprises and Asset Valuation

        2) Valuation of Corporation Value

        3) Valuation of Intangible Asset

        4) Sustainable Development of Enterprises


Research Center for Corporation Value (the Center) of ZUEL, a university research institute, was founded in 2007 by Prof. Wang Haisu, the leader of Appraisal Disciplines of ZUEL, and his team. In 2008, it became the National base of Appraisal Disciplines jointly supported by the Ministry of Finance and the China Appraisal Associate. In 2015, it was approved by China National Intellectual Property Administration as the only university among the 42 pilot regions and institutions of intellectual property investment and financing in China.

The Center has built a research team with a reasonable age structure, a combination of on-campus and off-campus, and a focus on both research and practice. Members of the Center are cross-faculty and cross-disciplinary teachers of ZUEL, workers from industry management agencies as well as heads of practice departments and enterprises. At present, a teaching and research team has been formed with Pro.  Wang as the discipline leader and the supervisors of the Master of Valuation as the main body. The Executive Director of the Center, Prof. Wen Hao, has been appointed as an international business expert of the China Appraisal Associate and an asset appraisal evaluation expert of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hubei Provincial Peoples Government. He was a member of the 2nd and 3rd China National Master of Valuation Education Supervisory Committee.

Since its establishment, the Center has been committed to the research of corporation value creation and management, especially focusing on the reforms of state-owned enterprises, strategic planning of industries and enterprises, intangible assets and enterprise value growth, and asset valuation theory and methods. The Center organizes academic discussions, seminars and international conferences as needed on a regular basis. The Center also actively seeks and realizes scientific projects consigned by firms that link the achievements of corporation value research with economic management practices, pursues the opportunities for cooperation with Chinese enterprises in the process of value creation and value assessment, and showcases its research results on research reports, monographs, books, and conference proceedings. The Center continues to research and publish the Blue Book on Intangible Assets of Chinese GEM Listed Companies for ten years, participates in the development of Chinese asset valuation standards, and undertakes major projects for the China Appraisal Associate, receiving a good reputation in field. During the COVID-19 response in 2020, Prof. Wang led his team to write several investigation reports to provide governments and enterprises with advisory information and basis of decision-making, and received a letter of appreciation from the Wuhan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Department.