Research Institute of Operational Management and System Theory

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        Associate Professor Xiong Feng

Research Interests:

        1) Supply Chain Management

        2) Operational Management

        3) Information Management

        4) BIM and Intelligent Operation


On the basis of the Management Science and Engineering Discipline in the SBA, Research Institute of Operational Management and System Theory (the Institute) of ZUEL has achieved rapid development since its establishment in 2017. The Institute has integrated professional researchers from the Department of Business Management, the Department of Operation and Supply Chain Management and the Department of Marketing, and formed a research direction across economics, management and law of ZUEL. In addition to the traditional basic theories of supply chain management, the Institute has made fruitful achievements in the digital operation of enterprises, operation modes and regulations of e-commerce platforms, intelligent warehouse, BIM and intelligent enterprise building, and digital transformation of enterprises in recent years. The Institute gives priority to the major national needs in the selection of the direction of projects. It has basic frontier, integrated features and great significance. The achievements include several frontier fields of Management which are world-class, forward-looking and high-level. At the same time, several research directions have delivered widespread benefits in Wuhan and other cities in China in terms of the influence of related disciplines. Many domestic well-known enterprises and alumni enterprises have engaged in cooperation with the Institute. Thus, the members of the Institute have contributed their intellectual support while enriching the realistic foundation and case sources for research.