Research Institute of Technology Economics and Management

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        Professor Xiong Shengxu

Research Interests:

        1) Enterprise Strategy and Innovative Management

        2) Systems Engineering

        3) Logistics and Supply Chain Management

        4) Big data Management of Enterprises and User Information Behavior


Research Institute of Technology Economics and Management (the Institute) has 3 professors and 3 associate professors with solid professional foundation and profound academic background. The research of the Institute covers various fields such as enterprise strategy and innovative management, enterprise system and operational management, systems engineering, Big data management of enterprises, user information behavior, global value chain, industrial clusters, logistics and supply chain management. The members of the Institution have undertaken more than ten crosswise and longitudinal tasks, with a total of more than 840,000 RMB in the account. They published 25 articles in Chinese and foreign core journals. The Institute actively provides social services such as management consulting, subject research and personnel training for large and medium-sized key backbone enterprises in Hubei Province. It has offered consultation, subject research and personnel training for middle and senior management workers to the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hubei provincial industrial park, Postal Savings Bank of China, Economic Development Bureau of Huangling County, Wuhan Optics Valley Information Technologies Company and the China Appraisal Associate. The Institution caters to the major national strategic needs and promotes local social and economic development.