Research Center for Land Economics of ZUEL

publisher:陈珂release time:2022-03-17viewed:29


        Professor Zhang Guanghong

Research Interests:

        1) Land resources economics

        2) Land spatial planning


Research Center for Land Economics (the Center) of ZUEL is an important scientific research institution in the discipline of Land Resources Management. With strong institutional strength and high comprehensive quality of its members, it has made outstanding achievements in the research fields of Land Economy and Management, Land Spatial Planning and Agricultural Economy Management, providing strong scientific research support for the construction of high-level disciplines, mainly in the following three aspects:

1) The Center leader has rich research experience. The person in charge of the Center has long been engaged in research on land urbanization, population urbanization and new urbanization construction with a good command of many domestic and foreign research results. In recent years, he has published more than 40 relevant academic papers in CSSCI/CSCD and other core journals, and participated in a number of scientific research projects, including but not limited to: “Legislation Research on Rural Land Issues” (a major project of the Ministry of Education), “Research on Legal System: the Effective Realization of Rural Collective Economy” (a major bidding project of National Social Science Fund), “Research on the Coordinated Development Mechanism and Optimization Path of Population-Land-Industry Urbanization” (National Social Science Foundation of China), “Research on Welfare Changes and Welfare Coordination of Different Interest Groups in Urban Transfer of Agricultural Land” (National Natural Science Foundation of China). As a result, he has developed profound research literacy with rich research experience.

2) The members of the Center collaborate with each other. With reasonable professional titles and different major directions relating to Land Resources Management, land spatial planning, Application Economy, urban management, etc., the members have been equipped with the basic conditions to carry out interdisciplinary research; the knowledge structure and age structure of the members are reasonable and they are able to carry out qualitative and quantitative research, so they can ensure sufficient time and energy to participate in the research; having been long engaged in teaching and research in the field of land economy, they have rich theoretical literacy in urbanization, urban economics, and population economy theory; all the members of the institution have applied and produced abundant scientific research achievements, and cooperated for many times in daily scientific research activities, which has contributed to their cooperation mechanism with a high degree of scientific research tacit understanding and effectiveness.  

3) The research findings of the institution are well transformed. The findings are mostly based on the hot issues of rural revitalization and “three rural (agriculture, rural areas, and farmers)”, and have provided a number of practical policy suggestions for the development of agriculture and rural areas in many regions, helping to achieve green, healthy and sustainable development; some of the research findings have been approved and affirmed by the leaders of provincial government departments to improve regional productivity, which is of great practical value.