Research Center for Cultural and Creative Industry

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        Associate Professor Zhang Shiru

Research Interests:

        1) Development of Cultural and Creative Industries

        2) Intellectual Property Management

        3) Innovation Management


The Research Center for Cultural and Creative Industry (the Center) of ZUEL was established in 2008 by the MBA School of ZUEL and Zhong Jin Foundation Group. Aiming at the developmental research of cultural and creative industries under modern communication, the Center mainly engages in academic research related to cultural creativity, undertakes various tasks sponsored by the state and enterprises, and holds relevant academic conferences and lectures. At present, it is a well-structured research team combining the old, middle and young generations. It focuses on the four aspects under the digital economy, including the development of digital content industry, the management and evaluation of industrial and enterprise intellectual property rights, the development of cultural industries and enterprises, and enterprise innovation management. Over the past few years, the researchers of the Center have actively undertaken the research work charged by various industrial authorities, and established a good cooperation relationship with the China Appraisal Society, the Finance Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the Office of the National Art Science Planning Leading Group. And they have completed a number of research projects sponsored by government departments and industrial management associations. In addition, the researchers have established long-term cooperative relationships with enterprises in cultural industries, such as publishing groups and game companies, and promoted the development of cultural enterprises in China by conducting research and providing suggestions. They have also published representative monographs and a number of Chinese and English papers on intellectual property rights of digital content enterprises, cultural enterprises and industrial development, and enterprise innovation management.