Research Institute of Talent Development and Organizational Management

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        Professor Zhao Chenhui

Research Interests:

        1) Theoretical Research on International HR Development and Management

        2) Research on the Policy of HR Internationalization

        3) Research on the Application of HRM Internationalization


Dr. Wu Xiaojian, the Distinguished Chair Professor from Newcastle Business School, was appointed as the first director of Research Institute for Talent Development and Organizational Management (the Institute). Due to the national regulations on the nationality of the head of the Institute, Professor Zhao from the SBA was appointed as the second director. Since its establishment in 2010, the Institute has kept to the path of socialism and promoted scientific and technological innovation in terms of the frontier of world science and technology, the major economies, the major national needs, and the peoples life and health. Thus, three relatively stable research directions have taken shape. And the Institute has made strides in scientific research, talent training, social services, international exchange, and faculty building. It held one international academic research conference and five national academic research conferences, introduced two distinguished professors and two overseas full-time doctors for work, offered courses such as International Human Resource Management and Cross-cultural Communication. The Institute has accumulated more than 1 million RMB in subject funding and published more than 20 high-level scientific research papers and achieved high-level scientific research results over the past three years. Furthermore, it has trained 11 doctors and more than 100 postgraduates and has built certain connections with relevant academic institutions and industry management departments both at home and abroad.