Research Institute of Internet+ Agriculture Development

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        Professor Zheng Jiaxi

Research Interests:

        1) Policies of Internet+ Agriculture Development

        2) Development of Digital Agriculture


After nearly six years of development, Research Institute of Internet+ Agriculture Development (the Institute) has brought together researchers from different fields such as agricultural economic management, public finance, finance, law, statistics, regional economics and information science, broken the institutional barriers for researchers, strengthened the cooperation between grassroots academic organizations, built a networked and flexible organization structure in line with the development of modern science and technology, and established a comprehensive and integrated multidisciplinary research teamThe Institute consists of a high academic level team, represented by Professor Chen Chibo and Professor Hou Shian, featuring innovative thinking, strong organization and coordination ability, and good sense of cooperation.

After years of cooperation on research, the staff have conducted extensive and in-depth research on Internet+ three rural issues (relating to agriculture, rural areas, and farmers), and have achieved a number of research results in the development of modern agriculture and IT application of agriculture, forming a stable research direction and distinctive research characteristics.