Research Center for Digital Economy and Business Ethics

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        Associate Professor Zheng Yaozhou

Research Interests:

        1) Research on Business Ethics and Social Responsibility in Digital Economy

        2) Research and Development of Business Ethics Cases in Digital Economy by Combining Industry and Academia

        3) Research and Practice of Building a Teaching and Research Team for Business Ethics and Social Responsibility


In January 2021, the application for the establishment of the Research Center for Digital Economy and Business Ethics (the Center), which started in 2019, was officially approved. With a short establishment time but rapid and promising development momentum, the Center has several characteristics as follows:

First, it has a high starting point: members of the Center preside over more than 6 vertical projects including national social science projects and natural science projects, and more than 1 key enterprise project, get more than 1.5 million crosswise and longitudinal funds, publish more than 10 high-level relevant papers, and obtain more than 4 awards for achievements.

Second, it meets the mainstream: in November 2019, Professor Zheng Yaozhou, director of the Center, and Associate Professor Liu Xuemei, deputy director, were elected as the executive directors of the Management Thoughts and Business Ethics Society of the Chinese Academy of Management respectively, and our university became the executive director unit. In addition, Professor Zheng Yaozhou, gave keynote speeches at the National MBA Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Teaching Forum in 2019 and 2021.

Thirdly, it has features: since 2019, case construction has been a major feature of the Center: (1) Professor Zheng Yaozhou, led members to successfully develop two national top 100 cases of business ethics and social responsibility; (2) The double-carbon action of enterprises and the comparative case of Yuanda Group and Delong Steel (environmental ethics and double-carbon strategy), were successfully listed in the Projects of the Famous Universities and Scholars for the Theme Case Collection of the Ministry of Education in 2021.

Fourthly, it is responsible: within the university, it directly supports the international accreditation of the university and the SBA, and benchmarks the international accreditation indexes in terms of ethics, responsibility and sustainable development. Moreover, the center promotes responsible management and sustainable development education in four aspects including research, talent cultivation (for example, it is responsible for giving the Economics, Law and Management integrated course of Business Ethics for undergraduates and the Business Ethics and Social Responsibility course for MBA, writing teaching materials, and supervising students academic activities), social services and academic exchanges.

Outside the university, the Center serves enterprises and local economic and social development through case building and management consulting. From 2020 to 2022, Professor Zheng Yaozhou, who is in charge of the key crosswise project of the large state-owned enterprise Research, Consulting and Results Promotion of Shandong Luxin Tianyi Labor Point System Management System, has successfully completed the expected results of the project: developed and published a national top 100 case The Mystery of Tianyi Printings Revitalization-Labor Point System Management, published two articles on the case study of the point system management of enterprises commissioned by the project, a consulting report on the point system and a book manuscript on Competition Point System Management.