Yang Youming

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Exclusive Interviews with Alumni || Yang Youming: Youth with can-do optimism and persistent effort 

 Yang youming, an alumnus of Economics School of ZUEL who was enrolled in 1985, is the founder of Haiping Consulting Group and the secretary-general of Chongqing alumni association of ZUEL.

After years of working for government, foreign enterprise, state-owned enterprise, and private enterprise, Yang decided to start his own business and then founded his own accounting firm, tax agency, commercial enterprise, and other real enterprises, enjoying a high reputation in the business circle. Confronting countless challenges and difficulties along the way, Yang is always optimistic and persistent with ideals in his heart.

Profession as the base and Happiness for Life

In 1993, Yang passed the CPA exam at one time. “At that time, only a handful of people could pass the exam in the whole country, let alone the Chongqing city.” he said. As one of the few Certified Public Accountants, Yang, however, was calm and modest about this success. He knew that experience came from practice so he has been working for the Pan-China Certified Public Accountants LLP. During his time at Pan-China, he got the opportunity to study at PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international professional services brand of firms. Time enabled him to get rich experience and broadened his vision, and his dream of starting a business has grown. Besides, he was promoted from a normal employee to the firm's second-largest partner, which became the cornerstone of his future career. “There were very few graduates who started their own businesses,” Yang said. Although he had a good job, he still wanted to start his own business. Later, Yang founded Haiping Consulting Group, a stable and special company mainly providing professional services such as auditing, taxation, engineering cost, and management consulting. When it came to Haiping, he told us that the name was from the transliteration of “HAPPY”. The name means “open, fair, and peaceful”, the spirit that a professional service company should have, as well as a kind of corporate culture. The company needs to provide a harmonious and relaxing working environment, and employees need a peaceful and optimistic attitude to life, which encourages them to be positive and not be overwhelmed by difficulties in any case.

Once a Literary Youth

In addition to his pursuit for career, Yang was once a literary youth. He used to be the president of Xiaofeng, a literary club formed by the Department of Business and Economics. At that time, Xiaofeng magazine was very influential and popular, attracting a large number of talented youths. The published articles still bring readers a fresh feeling today. This time, Yang youming donated three magazines of Xiaofeng, which were treasured for more than 30 years, and four university newspapers to the alma mater, to thank for the university's nurturing. He said it would be interesting for more readers to read articles of old classmates from 30 years ago.

Unite alumni and love alma mater

Moreover, Yang also took an active part in the construction of the Chongqing alumni association. Since the establishment of the Chongqing alumni association in 2003, Yang has been responsible for related work and has now become a senior “big brother”. Since being the secretary-general in 2009, he has been working hard for the operation and registration of the Chongqing alumni association. With the unique enthusiasm of the Chongqing people, he united the alumni in Chongqing and helped the development of students of ZUEL in the Chongqing area. At present, the influence of the alma mater in the Chongqing area is constantly increasing and the love of the alumni for the alma mater is also more profound. More and more alumni cherish the friendship at the university. When talking about college life, they always have something in common to chat with each other with happy smiles. Tao Yibo, one of his classmates, said that although the Chongqing alumni association is made up of only a small number of members, they all think highly of the alma mater and the organization. This is inseparable from the long-term selfless efforts of the enthusiastic alumni from the association.

For alma mater, Yang has so many deep feelings; while the youth, which gave him the power to struggle, is his admiration. On the alma mater's 70th birthday, he sincerely wished it a stronger future.