Liu Zhao

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Exclusive Interviews with Alumni || Action comes from thinking, all seasons are timely ——Liu Zhao, alumnus of Class 2012 from MBA School

Liu Zhao graduated from ZUEL with two Bachelor’s Degrees of Accounting (CPA) and Finance. Then he obtained a Master’s Degree of Business Administration in ZUEL and a Master’s Degree of Law in Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Also, he was the Chairman of the Student Union of Class 2012 from MBA School in ZUEL. He used to work in Huazhong Branch of Sinopec Sales Corporation, and is currently the League Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal People’s Procuratorate and the Secretary General of the Youth Work Committee of the Wuhan Municipal Procuratorate.

From “Certificate Brother” to “Case Handler”

In June 2007, Liu Zhao graduated from ZUEL with bachelor’s degree and was recommended to work in the Financial Assets Department of Huazhong Branch of Sinopec Sales Corporation. In response to the company’s call to build a learning organization, Liu Zhao basically worked hard at night and on weekends in the first graduation years to obtain professional qualification certificates in accounting. Last five years, he has successively obtained professional certificates such as the certified public accountant, tax advisor, fiscal and tax economist, business management economist, auditor, and enterprise counsel.

In those years, he discovered that he was very interested in legal knowledge when preparing for the qualification examination for enterprise counsel. And it was with the spirit of “the more a man knows, the less he knows he knows” and his love for the law that he resigned in 2011 and was admitted as a public servant in the Wuhan Municipal People’s Procuratorate.

Shortly after entering the prosecutorial system, he encountered a difficult case. In this case, an accountant of an administrative unit in a remote urban area was suspected of illegally misappropriating funds. Since 11 years had passed and the accounts were chaotic, the amount of misappropriation could not be verified. In order to accurately find out the amount, he stayed there to sort out a large number of scattered and chaotic original financial documents by using his accounting and legal knowledge. After nearly three months of hard work, he issued a forensic conclusion on the accountant’s illegal misappropriation of more than 30 million financial funds and was accepted by the court. At last, he was awarded an individual third-class merit for the case.

From “Chairman of Student Union” to “League Secretary”

In 2012, in the spirit of continuous learning, he planned to launch another continuous learning of 2 to 3 years. This time, he applied for the MBA of ZUEL without hesitation. He still remembered the classes of several professors such as Wang Haisu and Li Jianghong. In his view, the MBA curriculum system of ZUEL is well-structured, and each professor’s class has a very different personal style and a self-contained logic. No matter how difficult and boring the theory is, they can always explain them in simple language, so that students can follow up.

During his in-service learning, he also maintained an active character during his undergraduate studies. He successively served as the monitor of Class 2012 of MBA and the student council president of Class 2012 and ran for a second term. With the support of the School, a series of brand activities such as MBA School Fun Games, Forum of ZUEL, Sharing Session of ZUEL, and Returning Activities of Alumni were launched successively, which received warm responses from the majority of students and alumni. In 2013, the total number of cadres in the Student Union of the MBA School reached 73, making it the largest in the history of the School. At the same time, he actively promoted external exchanges. He successively established long-term activities under the principle of achieving shared growth through collaboration with Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other universities, and carried out themed activities such as MBA parties and joint debates with 7 universities in Wuhan.

In June 2016, Liu Zhao was successfully elected as the League Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal People’s Procuratorate and the Secretary General of the Youth Work Committee of the Wuhan Municipal Procuratorate. He successively organized the youth police officers of Wuhan's prosecutorial organs to carry out a series of activities such as youth forums, military inspection salons, and fellowship events, and launched a youth police officer talent show column called “Youth of the Procurators” on the WeChat public account, which first obtained “100,000” reading volume on the public account. In addition, he established the youth reading class of Wuhan People's Procuratorate, and established long-term cooperative relations with the Law School of Wuhan University, Law School of ZEUL, Hubei Lawyers Association and Wuhan Public Security Bureau. When he served as the league secretary in the past four years, the Committee of the Wuhan Municipal Procuratorate has been awarded as Wuhan's May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee, the “Youth of the Procurators” column has been awarded as Hubei province's Youth League Construction Excellent Project, and the Youth Reading Class has been awarded as the city's top ten youth organizations. Moreover, a number of national outstanding Communist Youth League cadres, winners of Wuhan's May 4th Youth Medal, Wuhan's upward and kind-hearted youth, and Wuhan's outstanding Communist Youth League members emerged successively. Talking about the “secret” of success, Liu Zhao said frankly: “Action comes from thinking, and I completed major changes in life during the period of in-service learning. The experience of organizing various activities in the student union during school has given me a lot of experience. In this way, I also found inspiration in the difference in thinking patterns between enterprise management and government officials.”

Invited by the School of Accounting and School of Business Administration of ZUEL, he is now back on campus and employed as a part-time off-campus master supervisor for the two schools. Everyone is constantly faced with transformation and challenges. Only with full devotion and love can we continue to approach success.