Liu Youbin

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Dialogue with Liu Youbin, student of MBA 2017 and HRD of New Oriental Education and Technology Group Wuhan Training School

Liu Youbin, student of MBA 2017 of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, President of the MBA 2018 Union, was rated as the “Excellent MBA Cadre” and “Top 100 Talents” by the MBA Union of China. In 2019, he was conferred as the “Excellent Cadre of the Union” by the MBA Educational Center. Now, he has been the National First-class Human Resources Manager and Chief OD Consultant of the ISODC.

Successively working as the management trainee of a large-scale SOE industry group, HRD of an industrial equipment manufacturing company listed in the market, and HRD of the Internet market, he has now been the HRD of New Oriental Education and Technology Group Wuhan Training School, responsible for organization and talent development, and strategic human resources management of the School in Wuhan as well as in the affiliated branch of Yichang, Jingzhou, and Huangshi.

  Where there is a will, there is a way

In 2007, I was a fresh graduate stepping in society and without too much reflection on my future career development. My first job was being a management trainee of a SOE industry group, and then being the secretary of the industry group.

In 2009, after two years since my graduation, I joined a privately-operated equipment manufacturing enterprise. There, I worked for four years, getting promoted from the Assistant Manager of the Marketing Department to its Human Resources Manager and finally to the Associate Human Resources Director of the company.

In 2013, I walked out of my comfort zone to be the HRD of a pharmaceutical company, which enabled me to enter the all-around human resources management from the previous supporting role in different segments of human resources management. Facing the booming emerging industries, I can clearly see my own advantages and disadvantages, and can predict the future development direction in advance and take every step more firmly. 

Three years later, I started a new job in Koubei company (an internet service platform about local life) belonging to Ant Group.What impressed and influenced me was the time working in that internet company, as I was able to see the culture and management about top Chinese enterprises for the first time in a real sense. And I experienced the rapid changes of Internet industry and the running transformation of the organization in more than two years, which shaped my character with strong will and perseverance in daily work. In 2018, when I saw the rapid development trend of the future education industry, I once again choose to work in a whole new field and join New Oriental Education Technology Group as the human resources director of Wuhan school. Through the accumulated human resources management experience over the past years, I helped the school realize the fast transformation of the strategy-based on organization from traditional mode in the past.