Zeng Wentao Made A Donation to the Freshmen of the SBA

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On September 2, 2017, the SBA welcomed incoming students. It is worth mentioning that Zeng Wentao, graduating from the SBA in 1979, donated 500 Xiaomi 8h mattresses customized for student dormitories for the freshmen of the SBA, bringing the warm love of the alumni and the SBA to them from all over the motherland. Zeng is now the the chairman of Wuhan Yinhai Real Estate Company and CEO of Zhongjia Capital Investment Management Company. He has never forgotten his alma mater after a successful career, and strives to help the school, teachers and students, and alumni. Today, he made a donation to help the incoming students to kick off their college lives.

On that day, volunteers from the SBA picked up the mattresses in advance and carried them to the dormitories for freshmen in order that they could see the neatly arranged mattresses when they checked into the dormitories. It can be said that each mattress carries Zengs deep concern for the students and ardent expectations of the alumni. After receiving the opening gift, the freshmen said that they felt the care of the alumni. They will definitely study hard, train themselves in all aspects in the coming four years, and pass on love and dedication like Zeng after stepping into the society in the future. At the same time, they also said they will cherish their college lives and meet challenges with courage, ideals and ambitions.

At 3 oclock in the afternoon, Qian Xuefeng, Dean of the SBA, Wang Hualu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the SBA, Zheng Jiaxi, Fei Xianzheng, Hu Chuan, Wu Haitao, Associate Deans of the SBA, and Li Fang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the SBA, went to the dormitories to visit the freshmen. During the visit, the leaders introduced Zengs gifts to the freshmen, and asked them to study hard, cultivate morality and strengthen beliefs, so as not to disappoint the ardent expectations of the alumni. Qian conveyed the belief of having love in hearts and being grateful, hoping that the freshmen can pass on the spirit of dedication and gratitude.

Always be grateful and enterprising. Zengs donation warms every freshman and encourages them to pass on their love.

(By Tan Meili & Qiao Chuting)