Chang Wenguang Donated to the SBA for Development

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Chang Wenguang, majoring in EMBA, graduated from the SBA of ZUEL in 2005. He is now the chairman of Zhong Jin Foundation Group and the vice director of Alumni Advisory Committee for Strategic Development of the SBA of ZUEL. He has been paying attention to and supporting the development of the SBA for a long time. Recently, to mainly support the anniversary celebration of the SBA and the sports meeting, he donated more than 80,000 RMB to the SBA, which reflects his deep passion for the teachers and students of the SBA and for the cause of education. The SBA will strictly manage the funds and improve the use efficiency so as to live up to the trust of alumni.

Brief Introduction:

Chang Wenguang, born in Yanggu, Shangdong Province in 1963, is ethnic Han. A member of CPC, Professor.

Graduated from ZUEL with a major in EMBA; Served as Chairman of Science and Technology and Culture Department of Shandong Branch of Xinhua News Agency, Deputy County Mayor of People’s Government of Ningjin County, Shandong Province, Vice Chairman of News Training Center of People’s Daily; Established Shandong College of Economics and Business and Shangdong Zhongmei Humanities and Management Institute?and served as its Dean.

Now, serves as the chairman of Zhong Jin Foundation Group, the Chinese Educators Association of Macau and Beijing Century HSBC Investment Company; Serves as the Vice President of University of Saint Joseph and the Dean of the School of International Business. Awarded China’s Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs, Top Ten Chinese Economic Talents, China’s Top Ten Leaders in Gold Culture Industry Management in 2009, China Enterprise Management Lifetime Achievement Award for the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2009, Special Contribution to China’s Economic Development, and Outstanding Role of Chinese Charity Cause.