SBA Successfully Conducted the Third Session of “Responsible Management Class with Mentors”

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Responsible Management Course is key for implementing the fundamental task of fostering morality. The responsible management course has a bearing on the education direction of China's colleges and universities and on the healthy growth of college students.

On September 15th, 2022, at 5:00 pm, the School of Business Administration (MBA Center) successfully held the third session of “Inviting Supervisors to Attend an Responsible Management Course” in the academic hall of Wenquan Building at the Southern Lake Campus of ZUEL. Professor Fei Xianzheng, Associate Dean of the school and a doctoral supervisor, and all the new postgraduates enrolled in 2022 attended the responsible management course on the theme of "Doing Valuable Research on Business Administration" together.

The activity was presided over by Zhu Yanping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and the Associate Dean of Administration of the school, and attended by Secretary of the school's Party Committee Wang Hualu, all teachers of the Postgraduate Work Office and all postgraduates enrolled in 2022.

In the class, Prof. Fei Xianzheng discussed the "small" questions in the research on business administration by analyzing the requirements for humanities and social sciences at "a time of momentous changes unseen in a century", that is, to do research for the motherland. Taking the selected topics of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and papers of core journals as examples, Prof. Fei vividly introduced the "big" effect of "small" research from the research perspective, research scenario, and research question. Next, by sharing his views on the useful and useless uses of "small" research, Prof. Fei encouraged students to foster great insight and emphasized the significance of practice in the research on business administration. He encouraged students to find opportunities of doing research on the innovation of business practice, which could help them to nurture scientific research spirits and rigorous logical thinking, in the new infrastructure bursting out in the era of mobile internet and new media. The professor hoped that students could broaden their academic horizons and perceive issues with a global vision and a strong sentiment to love families and the motherland. Students should pay attention to ethics and morality in the research on business administration, and make research for the motherland.

At the end of this class, students expressed that they benefited a lot and felt the "big" charm of "small" research. They were determined to root their research in the motherland and do really valuable research on business administration. Zhang Yiming, a postgraduate student majoring in Marketing Management, said, “I will try to do useful and powerful research that looks ‘small’ but has ‘big’ effects, which can solve specific problems in local practice of China and guide the world.” Peng Huimin, a postgraduate student majoring in Business Management (Human Resources Management), said, “I gained a lot after taking Professor. Fei's class. I have a clearer perception of how to do research and what kind of research to do. Besides, I have a deeper understanding of the responsibilities of students from business schools.” Zuo Longqi, a postgraduate student majoring in International Business, said, “As postgraduates, the research we do should be aimed at benefiting society and rooted in China's practice. In the future, I will constantly push myself and keep hard-working in doing research for my country!”

Deputy Secretary Zhu Yanping summarized the activity and praised Dean Fei's wonderful report as a feast of ideology and academy. She encouraged the students to involve themselves in academic research, serve society with what they have learned, and make valuable research on business administration rooted in China's condition with a global vision and sentiment to love families and the motherland.

Since the first session in September 2021, “Inviting Supervisors to Attend an Responsible Management Course” has become a special brand activity of the School of Business Administration. Joint participation of faculties and students can integrate professional education with ideological and political education in an organic manner, contributing to the establishment of the mechanism of supervisor cooperative education. It is also an effective measure for the school to implement the principle of "researching business with morality", which is one of the five education initiatives. By constantly leading students to form correct worldviews, outlooks on life and values, ideological and political education would serve as the beacon for young students' growth.