“Dean's First Class” Started at Shouyi Campus of ZUEL

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In the afternoon of October 13th, the “Dean’s First Class” of the SBA was held in the Zhexiao Lecture Hall of Wenhui Building. Professor Qian Xuefeng, Dean of the School and a doctoral supervisor, gave a lecture on “Do our own things with the two big situations in mind” to 2022 undergraduates. Li Fang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, Shui Jingjing, Deputy Secretary of the undergraduate General Party Branch of the School, Secretary of the Party branch of Grade 2022 and student counselor, Liu Zhenxing, Director and student counselor of the Grade 2022, as well as nearly 200 students from 14 classes of the Grade 2022 attended the activity. It was held by Liu Zhenxing.

Dean Qian Xuefeng brought a wonderful academic lecture to the students with the topic of “Do our own things with the two big situations in mind”, combined with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s thoughts on governance, and focused on “what are the two big situations” and “how to do our own things”. In the lecture, Dean Qian explained the world’s unprecedented centurial changes from five aspects: change of power, change of system, change of model, change of technology and change of risk, as well as the strategic overall situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation  on the basis of “new stage, new concept and new pattern”. He also stated how the students could have a correct self-positioning, self-awareness, and how to do their own work well based on main responsibilities. The students were much inspired and benefited from the lecture.

Afterwards, a flag awarding ceremony was held for the Study Camp for Youth in the New Era, in which Dean Qian Xuefeng awarded the flag to the Camp and Li Shanghao, a undergraduate representative of Grade 2022, a student from Class 2206 of the SBA received the flag. The SBA has insisted on the development of the work led by the Party building, and built the Study Camp for Youth in the New Era for freshmen. The School has also carried out various forms of learning and practical activities with the purpose of “learning to thinking, thinking to understanding, understanding to practicing”, relying on several platforms to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, consolidate professional knowledge and enhance comprehensive ability.

Since the admission of freshmen in September, the School has developed a detailed and varied education programme, combining the needs of students with the overall arrangement of the School’s education work to carry out extensive education on ideals and beliefs and orientation education, so as to help and guide students to strengthen ideals and beliefs, adapt to university life and welcome the 20th Party Congress with a positive and vigorous spirit.