Faculty Paired-up Assistance to CUPK

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Recently, the School of Business Administration (the SBA) received a thank-you letter from the School of Business Administration of China University of Petroleum-Beijing at Karamay (CUPK) for associate professor Mao Haitao’s paired-up assistance. This letter said knowledgeable Mao Haitao has earned trust, respect and praise of all the students for his high level of professionalism. Meanwhile, he was the great contributor to the School’s construction of discipline, curriculum and the faculty. During paired-up assistance for CUPK, Mao Haitao was awarded the honorary titles of “Outstanding Aid Teacher”, “Outstanding Faculty and Staff”, “Outstanding CPC Member” and “Outstanding Graduation Thesis Supervisor”. Besides, it also said his exemplary deeds embodies the schooling philosophy of “strive for virtue, justice, innovation and perfection”, as well as Mao himself is a microcosm of the faculty from the SBA.    

On the morning of August 29th, 2021, Mao Haitao left Wuhan and arrived in Karamay that night after transferring flights in Chengdu. The first time when he entered into Karamay Campus, both the words “Going to The Place Where Our Country Needs Us Most” in large letters and the lush green trees came into view. After visiting this campus for a short time, he attended a panel with other aid teachers, marking the beginning of the story between Mao and CUPK.  

There are several reasons why Mao chose the assistance program in Karamay. First of all, it is assisting Xinjiang that takes root in the tradition of the SBA. For instance, Professor Qian Xuefeng, his supervisor, had offered paired-up assistance to Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics in 2004. Besides, against the backdrop of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s call for “Going to The Place Where Our Country Needs Us Most”, participating in assistance programs can give full play to one’s potential and thus make self-realization come true.

According to Mao Haitao, his families were very supportive of his choice. His mother flew to Wuhan city from Shandong province to send him off days before his departure. His spouse also encouraged him to invest more efforts into preparing for classes and try his best to help students in that campus grow into better people.

Mao Haitao recalled that it was so nice to know his course The History of Economic Thoughts helped one student develop the habit of reading classic books at the end of the course. In addition, another student said to him that he would “become a noble person with the world in heart, and apply what he learns to practice so as to help people live a better life.” Mao really hoped his students can keep these words in mind and walk the walk.

Mao also said, as time goes by, his students may forget him, a teacher coming to the northwest border area from Wuhan for teaching classes. However, he believed that knowledge and views he deliveredin classes would make a profound impact on students’ thoughts, thinking modes and even the course of their lives.    

For Mao Haitao, the one-year aid scheme work is a priceless spiritual treasure. It is the most rewarding thing for teachers to witness their own students’ progress. Such an experience further strengthened his resolve to participate in more assistance programs and dedicate himself to places where our country needs the most.   

At the end of this program, Mao Haitao offered a message to his students:

No one wants to be mediocre in their early years, but only great diligence can help you become a model out of reach for others. As starlight fails not those who trudge on their ways, what we should live up to are our youth and dreams! If you were a pine tree, you should possess fortitude and integrity; if you were a willow tree, you could be cool and graceful. Thus you should try your best to be the best selves. I hope all of you can “pursue ambitions with confidence and sense of justice, as well as pursue dreams with feet on the ground”. I hope all of you can develop yourself into a knowledgeable and noble person through unceasingly improve cognitive performance and expanding your horizons.