Campaign of Civilized Parking Volunteer Activity

publisher:陈珂release time:2022-12-15viewed:10

In light of random parking on campus, the Qingfeng Volunteer Service Team of the Volunteer Association of SBA launched a campaign of “Civilized Parking Gives Way to the Youth” to guide students to park their bikes and e-bikes properly for the smooth road every Monday to Wednesday from October 24th in the square in front of Wentai Building, Nanhu Campus.


The voluntary activity advocated civilization. In the early stage of the campaign, the Qingfeng Volunteer Service Team recruited volunteers from all students. After that, the team members shot training videos for the new volunteers as a reference to what they should do, and initiated relevant knowledge training to strengthen their understanding of this campaign. In this way, a team of volunteers with high-quality service, professional knowledge and dedication was formed.


The voluntary activity expressed love. Although there were lots of bikes and e-bikes in the rush hour after class, the volunteers in volunteer jackets and uniform badges stuck to their posts. They were busy shuttling through the square in front of Wentai Building, a beautiful scenery of ZUEL. With a smile on their faces, the volunteers guided the students to park in an orderly manner and raised the students awareness of civilized parking with gentle words like please park within the lines. After the parking, the volunteers inspected again carefully to ensure that the vehicles were parked well with an appropriate distance left between them, so that the parking area was neat.


Young pioneers led the new trend of the Times. The students were moved by the sincere service of the volunteers, and appreciated this activity for reducing random parking and making it easier to park when students were rushing to class or to pick up in the rush hour after class. When the activity was over, a volunteer wrote in the feedback form that This activity is so meaningful! Every time I guide the students to the parking space and they say thank you to me, I think we volunteers are doing a small but meaningful thing.


This campaign not only raised the awareness of civilized parking among the students, but also further the construction and development of a civilized, harmonious and beautiful campus. Through this activity, we hope that all students will actively build a beautiful campus through civilized parking. Let us work together for a more beautiful ZUEL.