Campaign for World Children’s Day

publisher:陈珂release time:2022-11-22viewed:10

In order to raise college students awareness and inclusion of exceptional children as well as to create a harmonious and friendly social environment, Warm Sun Voluntary Service Group from the Volunteers Association of the SBA held a campaign for World Childrens Day on the theme of Gather Star-like Wishes to Brighten Childrens Future on the Shouyi campus of ZUEL on November 20th, 2022.


That afternoon a number of kids were drawn to origami pieces placed on the table the moment the members from this voluntary service group (thereafter referred as the members) decorated the campaigns site. Those kids came to fold paper airplanes, cranes and five-pointed stars. The members actively publicized and guided passers-by to participate in this campaign through giving out leaflets by turns. They could not only make various origami works, but take an interesting knowledge quiz about exceptional children. During taking this quiz, students found some questions were beyond the range of their knowledge and then improved their understanding of exceptional children after being explained by the members. After diving deep into the meaning of this campaign, all the students wrote their sincere wishes to the children.


During this campaign, the members also conducted an interview about how we treat exceptional children on campus. One student said sincerely, we should treat them as common people, which expressed his/her concern for and understanding of exceptional children. Such a heartwarming answer also added harmony to this interview.


Accumulating drops of warmth can make a candle be as bright as the sun. At the end of this campaign, the members cleaned up this site and handed the surplus sweets out to the kids, bringing this campaign a happy ending with sweetness and happiness.


At that day, the members, through real actions, raised ZUELers awareness of exceptional children and fostered a healthy and upright environment, which acted on the principle of Warm Sun Voluntary Service Group : Help the Old with Warm Hearts, Build the Dreams with Kind Love.