Guangzhou Alumni Association Donates Anti-pandemic Materials to ZUEL

publisher:陈珂release time:2022-12-28viewed:10

      Recently, the pandemic prevention and control has entered a new stage as the Omicron variant has become less virulent but more contagious. To ensure the physical and mental health of all learners and faculty, as well as the safety and stability of their campus life, ZUEL attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the pandemic. It is believed that whole institute will work together to overcome the difficulties with the assistance of all alumni.

      The virus is merciless, but the world is full of love. After noticing the fundraising initiative from ZUEL, Xia Kai, a member of the Alumni Association and Deputy Secretary General of the Guangzhou Alumni Association, immediately contacted the ZUEL Alumni Association to give a hand. To provide some help to ZUEL, he contacted Guangzhou Jinglangyuan Environmental Science Technology Co., Ltd. Under the arrangement of Xia Kai, He Guoqiang, Executive Chairman of Guangzhou Alumni Association, and Zhong Jianxiong, Supervisor of Guangzhou Alumni Association, 200 barrels of disinfectant, worth a total of 508,000 yuan, were shipped from thousands of miles away to ZUEL. This act strongly supported our efforts to prevent and control the pandemic and ensured the adequacy of medical supplies and the normal implementation of our disinfection work.

        Now the supplies have arrived and will be put into use in pandemic prevention and control.