SBA Organized Wuhan Alumni and Alumni Enterprises to Donate and Give Assistance to Yanjin County, Yunnan

publisher:陈珂release time:2021-11-03viewed:10

Recently, SBA has actively organized alumni and alumni enterprises to carry out research on Yanjin county and give assistance to it. Wang Hualu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the SBA, and Dr. Zheng Wei, Chairman of Wuhan Chuwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd, an alumni company of the SBA and Wu Jingning, Co-General Manager of the company and Vice President of Wuhan Alumni Association, participated in the research and support activities.

During the period, the research group paid a visit to Changgou Primary School, Jianba Primary School, Yizi Primary School and Yanjin County No. 3 Middle School in Yanjing Town, where they learned about the construction of school infrastructure, student training, work and study of teachers and students, viewed the intelligent classrooms, basketball courts, badminton courts as well as teaching and sports facilities such as libraries donated by Zhu Linsheng, President of Jiangxi Alumni Association of ZUEL. The school also conducted research on industrial development, relocation, assistance through education and consumption, twinning support and rural revitalization, and participated in activities organized by ZUEL such as strategic cooperation between schools and enterprises, twinning support between schools and localities, donation of supplies and symposiums.

At the symposium, on behalf of the Party Committee of the SBA, Secretary Wang Hualu signed a twinning agreement with the Party Branch of Jianba Village and donated 15,000 yuan in grants. Wuhan Chuwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd signed a three-year strategic cooperation framework agreement with Yanjin County and donated tomato seeds worth RMB 100,000 to Yanjin County to jointly build a high-end tomato planting base for Yanjin and Chuwei, which will drive local farmers to employment and income generation through vegetable industry development. Meanwhile, Wuhan Alumni Association President Zeng Xueping, Vice President Wu Jingning and Secretary General Ding Xuebao organized 45 alumni to donate 60,000 yuan to Yanjin County.

It is reported that the donation and support activities of our school are part of the assistance carried out by ZUEL to Yanjin County. Luan Yongyu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, led the Party Committee of the University, administrative departments, responsible comrades of relevant schools and experts in rural revitalization topics to participate in the research. Comrade Shen Qiong, Chairman of the CPPCC in Shaotong, Yunnan, and Comrade Yang Shihan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yanjin County, accompanied the research.