The Vice Dean of SBA and Other Professors Visited Hubei Golden Canton Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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On the afternoon of 12 October 2022, Prof. Wen Hao, Vice Dean of the SBA and Deputy Director of the MBA Education Centre, Prof. Wang Yanming and Prof. Xiong Min from the MBA Education Centre visited Hubei Golden Canton Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd founded by alumni of the SBA of ZUEL. During the visit, they exchanged views on the school-enterprise cooperation with Gao Xue Gang, a ZUEL alumnus of MBA from the 2007 class and the chairman of this company. The meeting was also attended by Zhang Jie, Executive General Manager of this company.

Hubei Golden Canton Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd, found in 2015 with a registered capital of RMB 30 million, is a leading company in agricultural science and technology integrating R&D, production, processing, and sales of space seeds.

The professors first went to SUNAC Industrial Park for a visit to understand the operation of the company. During the meeting, Gao expressed a warm welcome to the professors and recalled the time when he had classes at ZUEL. At the same time, he introduced the development of the enterprise and its vision for future development, expressing his willingness to contribute to the further development of the SBA of ZUEL.

Then Wen introduced the recent development of MBA program, saying that its development could not be achieved without the support and assistance of all alumni and their companies and that the combination of industry, academy, and research would further promote the development of SBA of ZUEL. In addition, he learned about the prospects of agribusiness, our country’s support for the agricultural industry, and the problems encountered in the process of company development. It is believed that, in turn, the SBA of ZUEL will provide assistance to alumni companies in their business management.

In his speech, Gao said that his experience as an MBA of ZUEL had changed his life and he was particularly grateful for Wang Haisu, the former dean of the SBA of ZUEL, who made him choose to engage in the agricultural industry which is related to peoples livelihood. Thanks to ZUEL, the enterprise could make a rapid development and achieve a lot of social honors. He also hoped that he could cooperate with ZUEL in many aspects in the future so that the strength of the enterprise can help the development of the SBA of ZUEL.