SBA Organized Experts and Alumni to Visit Changhua Electric Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

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On January 6, 2022, Social Service and Alumni Service Office of SBA organized experts from SBA, School of Finance and alumni of ZUEL to have a field research in Changhua Electric Equipment Group Co., Ltd. where Grade 2000 alumnus Wu Tengfei (now a director of Wuhan Alumni Association) works. The personnel participated in the research included: Liang Changdong, director of Social Service and Alumni Service Office of SBA, Prof. Song Weiliang, Associate Prof. Du Peng, Prof. Xu Sheng from School of Finance, alumnus Ke Shanyou from Wuhan Taoyi Accounting Firm, Zhang Zhong, standing director of Wuhan Alumni Association of ZUEL, Fan Jingjing, secretary general of Wuhan Alumni Association’s Finance Branch and Xiong Yuan of Wuhan Alumni Association’s Finance Branch.

Sheng Detao, deputy general manager of the company, introduced Zhongke Changhua energy storage system.

Chen Gaowei, vice chairman of the company, presented digital twin energy internet platform.

Alumnus Wu Tengfei, chairman assistant and sales director of the company delivered a speech to welcome faculty and alumni representatives from ZUEL at the symposium. Grade 1987 alumnus Zhang Zhong, member of the physical branch of Wuhan Alumni Association introduced all the faculty and alumni present at the symposium and pointed out that the aim of the research was to help the company deal with difficulties of high concern amid its development. Then, vice chairman Chen Gaowei introduced the companys business and history, and presented the troubles that a traditional family business met in corporate administration and personnel management amid its transformation into an internet company.

Faculties from ZUEL provide constructive suggestions on the problems faced by the company. For example, Prof. Song Weiliang provided a new approach emphasizing digital transformation and the use of a cooperative mode for resources-based professionals so as to cut unnecessary costs and increase efficiency. In light of corporate administration, Prof. Xu Sheng pointed out that it is important to refresh corporate values, redesign equity structure and improve financial allocation in order to lay a foundation for its IPO. Prof. Du Peng praised vice chairman Chen Gaoweis sharp market insights, underscored the importance of transformation and recognized the companys enormous potential from the perspective of marketing. Also, he put that there was room for improvement in corporate strategies and internal management, and shared the winning formula of leading companies in the electric industry based on his hands-on experience. Then, he provided suggestions on fronts such as corporate strategies, branding and management mechanism.

Xiong Yuan, president of Industrial Bank Co. Ltd. gave his suggestions on financial services. Fan Jingjing, director of the Alumni Association, attached great importance to publicity by high-quality media and recommended Wuhan Caitoutiao, an alumni company. Lastly, Prof. Liang Changdong made a summary of the visit and called for providing sustained support and service for alumni companies.

By visiting alumni enterprises, opportunities for enterprises to integrate resources, improve operation capabilities and competitiveness with the help of the school and alumni association in the new form is accessible, and this effort is highly recognized by enterprises.