The SBA Held A Symposium on the School’s Alumni Service

publisher:陈珂release time:2021-10-21viewed:10

To mobilize alumni for facilitating the construction of the Schools first-class disciplines and further improving the Schools alumni service, the SBA held a symposium on the alumni service of the SBA in the conference room on the fourth floor of Wenquan Building on the morning of October 15, 2021. More than twenty people, including the Dean of the SBA Qian Xuefeng, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the SBA Wang Hualu, the Associate Dean Zheng Jiaxi, several former leaderships such as Zhang Xinguo, Zhang Jianmin, Xiong Shengxu, Huang Hanmin, Zhang Huarong and Ren Jianxin, two elder professors (Zhang Guangzhong and Li Shaohe), three elder head teachers (Sun Quan, Wang Meifang and Lin Jie), chairs of each department, as well as staff from the Social Service and Alumni Service Office of the SBA and the International Accreditation Office attended this symposium. This symposium was presided over by Dean Qian Xuefeng.

Dean Qian Xuefeng firstly extended heartfelt thanks to all the former leaderships, elder professors and head teachers. And then he briefed on the background of this symposium, as well as the purpose and meaning of establishing the Social Service and Alumni Service Office. He pointed out that the alumni serve as a significant resource and precious treasure of the institution, with their career advancement and social achievements reflecting the school-running level and achievements of the School. Therefore, as an item high on the agenda for the School, the alumni service constitutes a massive part of and a significant engine for the Schools improvement, which requires strong support and great coordination from the faculty and alumni. Dean Qian cordially invited all the attendees to actively offer suggestions and guidance for the Schools alumni work.

All the participants rose to provide pieces of advice on the Schools alumni service in multiple dimensions. They suggested that the School should sum up remarkable achievements over that last seventy years after combing through the profound history of ZUEL and the SBA; publicize good deeds of excellent alumni in time; hold more alumni forums with the combination of ways within and beyond the college or online and offline ways to proactively bring the alumni into play; specify the demands of alumni and plan the layout ahead of time through categorizing and managing the alumni, as well as strengthening the tracking of new-generation alumni; enhance exchanges between the alumni association of the School and the alumni associations across the country.

The Associate Dean Zheng Jiaxi gave a detailed explanation for the work and functions of the Social Service and Alumni Service Office of the SBA, reported on specific ways to conduct alumni work in the future, and discussed passionately relevant issues with the participants.

The Secretary Wang Hualu gave a fair summary. She said that the SBA would absorb those prized suggestions made by every former leadership, elder professor and head teacher and enhance our mutual ties so as to give full play to those elder comrades strengths in intelligence, experience and prestige. The SBA would strengthen its sense of service, expand and mobilize more alumni to help facilitate the development of the SBA in line with the principle of Serve and Mobilize Alumni for Common Advancement.