Exchange Symposium of ZUEL MBA Alumni in Financial Industry was Held

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On June 21, 2021, Prof. Wen Hao, Vice Dean of the SBA, faculty Wang Yanming and Li Qi invited about 40 MBA alumni to gather in the Wuhan Branch of Noah Holdings Group to hold the Exchange Symposium of ZUEL MBA Alumni in Financial Industry and the Signing Ceremony of building ZUEL & Noah Holdings Industry-Institution-Research Base.

As the host of this event, Chen Si, the current Director of the Wuhan Branch of Noah Holdings (MBA, class of 2016), extended a sincere and warm welcome to the MBA alumni and teachers present on behalf of the company. Vice President Wen Hao gave a sincere opening speech to express his pining affection for the alumni, report on the recent development of the SBA and introduce the new cultivation mode of MBA education which integrates mental capital, intellectual capital and social capital. He hoped that under the guidance of the SBA educational philosophy, MBA education can better interact with practice. He also expected that the advantages of the ZUEL intellectual resources and social practice can be utilized to cultivate batches of excellent social practice talents, create a ZUEL MBA education ecosystem and boost the development of MBA alumni cause.

Then the General Manager of the Hangzhou Branch of Noah Holdings Group as well as the specialist in the financial industry Gu Yijun, who has travelled a long way from Hangzhou to Wuhan for the symposium, discussed the influences of the development and reform in the financial industry and the career choice on life based on her own experience of throwing herself into financial management after working in the bank for 28 years.

Next, the alumni present had a wide discussion with the guests in a relaxing and active atmosphere. Committed to the principle of openness, inclusiveness, mutual trust and growth, a communication platform for ZUEL MBA Alumni in the financial industry has been built.

At last, Vice Dean Wen Hao conducted a summary speech and signed the agreement of building the ZUEL & Noah Holdings Group Industry-Institution- Research Base on the spot. Through the base, the enterprise and institution can collaborate in a new mutual development mode with shared resources of the enterprise, the institution and the alumni and complementing strengths in the future. The enterprise offers the institution a fine alumni platform and teaching practices. The institution provides convenience for the enterprise to train high-calibre talents. At the same time, the alumni can better give back to the school. During the process, the three entities can conduct win-win cooperation and embrace a brighter future.