Vice President of ZUEL Yan Ping and His Delegation Visited the Alumni Enterprise Kinglan Mango Group

publisher:陈珂release time:2020-12-22viewed:10

On December 17, Vice President Yan Ping, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of ZUEL, Nie Xin, Minister of Alumni Work and Social Cooperation Department, Wan Li, Vice Minister of Alumni Work and Social Cooperation Department, Wang Hualu, Party Secretary of the SBA, Qian Xuefeng, Dean of the SBA and Zheng Jiaxi, Assistant Dean of the SBA, went to Zhengzhou, Henan province to visit the alumni enterprise Kinglan Mango Group and participated in a discussion with several alumni including Wang Yongguang, Chairman of Kinglan Mango Group, President of Henan Alumni Association of ZUEL, and Vice Chairman of the Third Council of Education Development Foundation of ZUEL, Zhu Xueliang, Chairman of Henan Zhongsheng Xinnuo Enterprise Groups as well as Vice President of Henan Alumni Association, and Wu Dongming, General Manager of Customer Relations Department in Henan Country Garden and Secretary General of Henan Alumni Association.

On November 29, supported by Kinglan Mango Group and many alumni such as Wang Yongguang, the SBA of ZUEL successfully held a series of activities themed the First Lifetime Achievement Award for Discipline Building, which has been paid highly attention by an array of media including Peoples Daily Online, China News Service, Hubei Daily, Changjiang Daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily and has exerted a profound influence on the public.

Yan and his delegation visited Xinglian Science and Innovation Center located in Longzihu, Zhengzhou province, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the groups positioning, image and culture. Yan pointed out that Kinglan Mango Group had always practiced its vision of Make the City Better and Life Healthier in terms of corporate development and operation and had firmly shouldered its responsibilities as a corporate citizen, reflecting the sense of social responsibility and patriotism of national enterprises.

Afterwards, Yan and his delegation participated in a discussion with Wang Yongguang, Zhu Xueliang, Wu Dongming and other alumni in which the both parties exchanged their opinions on jointly carrying out scientific research and and building social service platforms. The discussion aimed to make our due contributions to the economic and social progress of Henan province based on ZUELs advantages and resources in talent cultivation, teaching and research and think tank building.