SBA Volunteer Association Carried Out An Activity to Conserving Environment

publisher:陈珂release time:2023-03-24viewed:10

( Correspondents ZHAO Jiahui and GUO Zichang ) To raise the the awareness of all the students upon environmental protection, the Volunteer Association of SBA of ZUEL held a green activity themed as Waste Renewal for A Green Spring in the square of Shouyi Hall located in the Shouyi Campus of ZUEL on March 18, 2023.

The activity officially began at 9 a.m. Wearing working cards, all volunteers collaborated with each other and did their own duties. They orderly organized the activity, energetically promoted its arrangements with a pile of leaflets and patiently explained the details of a series of interesting games, thus creating a wonderful experience concerning environmental conservation for students.

The activity was abundant in its contents and forms as evidenced by an array of interesting games including knowledge questionnaire, garbage classification, plant identification. Among them, the activity of step donation, adopting an innovative method characterized by green+sport, was aimed to enhance the students knowledge on environmental protection and call on students to practice green mobility by donating Wechat steps voluntarily. In addition, students creatively made a number of exquisite gifts by means of their markers in the DIY activity called Waste Renewal.

During the activity, all volunteers, always imbued with enthusiasm for public welfare in spite of the constant rains, devoted themselves to working under the tents and in the drizzle. After the activity, a student who won the first prize said to the volunteers with a flowerpot and a handful of seeds,  I am looking forward to the healthy growth of the seeds and I believe that the awareness of environmental protection will take root in our hearts and blossom with flowers just like the seeds eventually!  

The green activity has not only helped ZUEL to build an environmentally friendly campus and promoted its efforts in terms of environmental protection, but popularized the knowledge concerning environmental conservation among students, improved their awareness of environmental protection and called on more youth dedicate themselves to the preservation of the environment and to make their own contributions to the building of a green campus!