SBA Volunteer Association Launched A Green Plants Charity Sale

publisher:陈珂release time:2023-03-28viewed:10

(Correspondents WU Ziye, WANG Xiayang, and HE Yiyuan) The Volunteer Association of the SBA of ZUEL launched a green plants charity sale with the theme of “adding greenness in spring and spreading warmth through charity sale” from March 25th to March 26th in order to raise the society’s attention to the education of children in impoverished mountainous areas.


Together with the Maitian Education Foundation, the activity promoted the implementation of the Maitian Project by selling green plants and donating money, so as to improve children’s educational environment in impoverished mountainous areas.


The activity officially began at 9 o’clock a.m. Attracted by the exquisite and lovely succulent plants, the students stopped off at the site. After fully understanding the background and purpose of the activity, they were so moved that they bought their favorite green plants and were satisfied with being able to help children in the mountainous areas. With the reduction of the green plants on the table, the love from the students had been passed on to the children in the impoverished mountainous areas, giving life to the dreams of the children in the distance.


Many children, holding paper money or coins, firmly chose to buy green plants after carefully understanding the background of the activity. Although they were young, they knew how to pass their love to help the dreams of friends of the same age in impoverished mountainous areas. This fully reflected the inheritance of today’s volunteer service and dedication, and demonstrated the extraordinary public welfare significance of this activity.


According to statistics, a total of 35 volunteers participated in the green plants charity sale, and nearly 300 students showed love to children in mountainous areas. The students’ selfless donations will be used to help children in impoverished mountainous areas improve their learning environment, providing them with art supplies, learning stationery and other educational resources and enriching their learning life and spiritual world. At the same time, this activity also attracted more social groups to pay attention to the study and life of children in impoverished mountainous areas, actively participate in related public welfare activities, inherit and promote the spirit of volunteer service, and jointly protect the growth of children.