Carry Forward the Spirit of Lei Feng

publisher:陈珂release time:2023-03-13viewed:10

(Reporters: HUANG Zizi, WANG Xiayang, HE Yiyuan)The connotations of Lei Feng’s spirit have been constantly enriched and developed. Aiming at carrying forward the spirit of Lei Feng, our school’s Volunteer Association set up a Learn-from-LeiFeng Community and carried out a volunteer activity to help the elderly in Shuiguohu Community on March 9th.

At 2:30 p.m., 15 volunteers gathered together at the residentscommittee of Shuiguohu Community and distributed cleaning tools. With the help of community workers, the volunteers simply assigned jobs and went to the homes of the elderly together.


For the convenience of the elderly, the volunteers did their work actively and every inch of the corner was cleaned. As the volunteers cleaned with full energy and passion, furniture, windows, floor, and doors became clean and bright, and almost everything became neat.

After the cleaning campaign came to an end, the elderly expressed their gratitude to the volunteers. “Thank you so much for the help from you young people since it’s not easy for us to do these things” said one elderly man.

Love and hope were spread through volunteer activities. Everyone deeply felt the connotation of Lei Fengs spirit through this activity. We hope more people and organizations could remember the spirit of Lei Feng and accomplish good deeds to carry forward this spiritual value of universal significance.