SBA Volunteer Association Held A Voluntary Carnival

publisher:陈珂release time:2023-03-31viewed:10

(Reporters: ZHU Jin, LI Xinrui, HUANG Zizi) To carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and promote all-round development of youths in the new era, under the lead of the Volunteer Association of ZUEL, SBA Volunteer Association, together with other volunteer associations, carried out the Ninth Young Volunteers Public Benefit Activity themed as Carrying Forward the Spirit of Lei Feng on Lands of Labor on March 25th and 26th in the south sports ground of Shouyi Campus and the north-west Huanhu playground of Nanhu Campus respectively.

In this activity, participants played different games such as Ancient Poetry Reciting and Drawing & Guessing to win seals in exchange for rewards. The game --- Ancient Poetry Reciting took labor as its theme, in which participants must recite poems that relate to labor. Through this process, they can feel the charm of labor and appreciate the greatness of Chinese laboring people.

Many students and families of faculty took part in the activity. They came to the activity stalls with the seal-collecting cards that are handed out by the Volunteer Association of ZUEL, finishing games to get certain amount of seals in exchange for exclusive stickers of different volunteer associations and other gifts. In playing these games, students not only enjoyed the fun of games, more important, they gained a deep insight into the spirit of Lei Feng and the charm of Chinese labor culture.

This activity presented the four volunteer groups of the SBA Volunteer Association to students from other colleges in detail, tightening the relations between all the volunteer groups. In addition, the activity helped students know more about Chinese labor culture, and the spirit of Lei Feng is carried forward among youths in the new era. They learned to apply Lei Feng spirit into their daily life and carried forward service spirit of volunteers, striving to usher in a great chapter for the new era.