SBA Volunteer Association launched a World Autism Day Activity

publisher:陈珂release time:2023-04-03viewed:10

(Correspondent: Zhou Biyu, Ning Changping) In order to welcome the arrival of World Autism Day on April 2, strengthen the attention of society to autistic children and call for more forces to put into the activities of caring for autistic children, the Warm Sun Volunteer Team from the SBA Volunteer Association of ZUEL went to Hubei Deaf Enfant Healing Center and Hubei Deformity Enfant Healing Center on March 30 and carried out a World Autism Day activity with the theme of protecting and warming children with love.

The volunteers arrived at the Center at 2 p.m. on March 30. Under the arrangement of the teachers, the volunteers carried the materials such as benches and game supplies to the activity venue and arranged them neatly, while mixing the music and rehearsing the programme in the field, waiting for the arrival of the parents and children.


The volunteers bounced and twirled in circles and presented a lively song and dance program. The children were very enthusiastic about the performance. They watched and danced around the stage. After the applause, the children also actively raised their hands and participated in the interspersed games.


During the games, the volunteers carefully observed that although these children with intellectual disabilities were not very articulate, they longed to be cared for and valued. So the volunteers took the initiative to reach out to the children in a friendly manner during the activities, warming them with love and making them open up gradually; accompanying them with actions so that they could laugh without any worries. At the end of the activity, one child grabbed the red waistcoat of one of the volunteers before leaving with her parents, patted her arm and repeated clumsily but sincerely, See you tomorrow! See you tomorrow!.

Through cultural performances and games, volunteers cared for children with disabilities with their actions, cared for them with love and encouraged them with sincerity, helping them to gain more sincere and friendly love and gain courage and confidence to face more difficulties. This activity also showed the good spirit of the young college volunteers of ZUEL to the parents and teachers, and called for more people to participate in the voluntary activities of caring for autistic children. With love, we write the true feeling of human beings, and with practice, we write the great love of youth, Warm Sun Volunteer Team is in action!