Training on News Discovery and News Planning —— Also on the Development of Media Literacy Skill of Young Student Cadres

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On the afternoon of April 6th, the 25th micro-class for counselors and the 16th theoretical teaching of youth training class were held in the No.1 Conference Room of the Center for Quality Education for College Students. Head of the Hubei Journalist Station of China Youth Daily, Lei Yu, gave a lecture on the topic of News Discovery and News Planning—— also on the Development of Media Literacy Skill of Young Student Cadres. Members of Office of Students and Postgraduate Affair Office, and backbone student representatives attended the activity. The activity was presided over by Li Fang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SBA.


On behalf of the SBA, Deputy Secretary, Li Fang extended a warm welcome to the Lei Yu. She said that the information society had brought new requirements and challenges to the traditional student work, and improving news publicity literacy had become a compulsory course for the majority of workers for students and student backbones. Therefore, faculties and students of SBA should actively develop news publicity literacy and professional ability, further improve their work level, so as to better serve the development of SBA and the growth of students.


How to be more brilliant in holding activities? Taking this as an introduction, Lei Yu focused on the major themes of news discovery and news planning, and used many vivid and specific cases to explain, combining with the development background of the times and related discussions of news publicity. He believes that the workers for students and  and the backbone students should become information collectors, news disseminators, planners of activities and participants in decision-making, so as to improve the media literacy skill.

As the backbone students, how to improve the writing ability in regular activities? As a counselor, how to choose a role model for student at work? In the interactive session, Lei Yu patiently answered questions from faculties and students.


The micro-classroom for counselors in SBA is an important platform to improve the quality of counselors. By carrying out rich and diverse activities of co-learning between faculties and students, the effectiveness of education can be comprehensively improved.