SBA Volunteer Association Held A Grand Activity in Tuzhen

publisher:陈珂release time:2023-04-07viewed:10

(Correspondent: Zhu Jin) In order to help left-behind children grow healthily and promote the development of public welfare undertakings for them, the Eyas Volunteer Team of the Volunteers Association of the SBA of ZUEL, carried out a grand activity in Tuzhen with the theme of aroma from books and loving for children, overflowing the school. The activity was held at Tujianaozhen Middle School in Ezhou City on March 30, with the purpose of caring for left-behind children, helping them grow up with love. And President of Tuzhen Middle School, Wang Gongfu, Vice President, Lu Qunlin, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Li Dongxia, and He Qiang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the SBA of ZUEL attended the activity.

At the beginning of the activity, on behalf of the Eyas Volunteer Team, Mr. He Qiang award scholarships and grants to outstanding students at Tuzhen Middle School and started the book donation ceremony. In the activity, scholarships and grants are earned by the Eyas Volunteer Team in running the integrity store, totaling more than 1,000 yuan; more than 600 books donated were collected through the book fund-raising activities, hoping to help the students reading dreams. Subsequently, the volunteers also prepared rich and interesting cultural programs for the students of Tuzhen Middle School: humorous sketches; a lyrical recitation; a chorus of songs strung together. These wonderful performances made the students laugh out loud. Besides, the enthusiasm and performance of the volunteers made students feel the warmth and care from the society.

Later, on the playground, the volunteers played many interesting games with the students in groups, and laughter spread all over the playground. After the activity, the volunteers sent small gifts such as building blocks and cartoon cards to the students, and the faces of the students who received the gifts were filled with bright smiles.

In this activity, volunteers practiced social responsibility and public welfare spirit with practical actions, and brought more happiness and hope to the left-behind children through a one-day trip to Tuzhen, showing the spiritual outlook of ZUELer in a harmonious, friendly and tireless in the new era. At the same time, they also called on the whole society to actively participate in public welfare activities to care for left-behind children, convey love and care, and inject more positive energy into society!