SBA Volunteer Association Presented An Art Show at the Lion Mountain Health Care Center

publisher:陈珂release time:2023-04-12viewed:10

(Correspondent: Wu Siyi) The Warm Sun Volunteer team of the SBA organized an art show with the theme of “love with warm sunshine, and companionship with love” at the Lion Mountain Health Care Center in Hongshan District on April 6 in order to carry forward the Lei Feng spirit of helping others, inherit the traditional Chinese virtue of “respecting, caring and helping the elderly” by voluntary services and welcome the 75th anniversary of ZUEL.


With the host Wu Zhijie’s enthusiastic and energetic greeting, the art show began in a touching song called On That Eastern Mountain. Two Tibetan girls in folk costumes sang and danced, showing their unique ethnic style; four students lively sang and danced the popular Hottest Ethnic Trend, showing the vitality of young college students. After the two dances, an affectionate solo of Late Night Serenade made an old man moved to tears, and the singing of The Flower Escort won applause from all the audience; the duet sang Tomorrow Will Be Better expressed sincere wishes to the elderly.


The wonderful show also attracted a student from another university who was visiting the Lion Mountain Health Care Center. She volunteered to put on our volunteer red vest and performed an impromptu sign dance of The Brightest Star in the Night Sky for the kind elderly, conveying ardent care for them.


The art show at the Lion Mountain Health Care Center ended perfectly with the applause of the elderly and social workers. On the way to the elderly’s home, the elderly held the hands of the volunteers and conveyed their thanks in a kind and soft voice. Practicing the spirit of Lei Feng and caring for the elderly, the Warm Sun Volunteer Team is always on the way.